• 150331 Tuesday

    150331 Tuesday

    Main – CrossFit Warm-up (No Measure) AMRAC in 8 minutes with Mobility + 2-8: Bent Over Barbell Row, 1-arm DB Press, Toes 2 Bar, Wall Walk. Strength/Skill Development Spend 25 minutes alternating A1-3. A1. : Shoulder Press (Build to a single @ 30X1) A2. : Weighted C2B Pull-up (@ 31X0; – build to a tough […]

  • 150330 Monday

    150330 Monday

    Main – CrossFit (No Measure) AMRAC in 7 Minutes with Mobility + 4-10: Back Squat, C2B Pull-up (Strict Rnd 1), KBS H/R Push-up. Strength Development Take 20 Minutes to alternate A1/2: A1. : Back Squat (Build to a single at 30X1 ) A2.: 1-arm DB High-Pull (@ 31X0; 5-8/arm – ) Build to a tough […]

  • 150329 Sunday Recovery

    150329 Sunday Recovery

    Main – CrossFit Recovery 3.1 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) Work through the following for 20-30 Minutes @ conversational pace/sustainable effort: 40m Farmer’s Carry Moderate NTE 190/150lbs 30s Side Plank/side 20 Calories Airdyne 10m Bear Crawl (30 ft) 5 Inverse Burpee Slammers

  • 150328 Saturday Open 15.5

    150328 Saturday Open 15.5

    Main – CrossFit (No Measure) AMRAC in 8 Minutes with Mobility + 4-8: BTN Thruster, Bent over DB Row, RKBS, 1-arm OH Carry. Strength/Skill Development Spend 20 Minutes cycling A1/2: A1. : Thruster (2-3 x 4) A2. : Metcon (No Measure) 15.5 Prep Work: Row tough (but not all out) efforts for the following time […]

  • 150327 Friday

    150327 Friday

    Main – CrossFit (No Measure) AMRAC in 7 Minutes with Mobility + 5-8: Hang Muscle Snatch, 1-arm OHS, Dip, Slammer. Strength/Skill Development A. : Hang Snatch (8 MIn EMOM x 2 Reps) TnG as able- Wave load over sets- technique priority over load. B. : Kettlebell Swing w/1s OH (5 Min EMOM x 8 Reps) […]

  • 150326 Thursday

    150326 Thursday

    Announcements Join us this Saturday, March 28th 2015 from 07:30 until 08:30 for CFA’s second Skills and Drills Clinic. Our subjects will be skills related to Muscle Ups and Double Unders. See you there. Clinics are FREE to all CFA and SAC members! Please join us this Friday ( 3/27) night for the graduation of […]

  • Skills and Drills Clinic

    Skills and Drills Clinic

    Skills and Drills Clinic this Saturday, 28 March 2015 Join us this Saturday from 07:30 until 08:30 for Skills and Drills related to Muscle Ups and Double Unders! Spend time learning and developing the critical skills needed for success on these two frequently challenging movements. These Clinics are free to CFA and SAC members and only $20 […]

  • 150325 Wednesday

    150325 Wednesday

    Main – CrossFit March On-Ramp graduates this Friday, March 27th with their final WOD at 6:30pm. All CFA members are invited to join in celebrating their graduation! There will be light snacks and beverages. Kids are welcome too! (No Measure) AMRAC in 8 Minutes with Mobility + 2-8: Axle Thruster, C2B Pull-up (Strict Rnd 1)–>BMU […]