090620 Saturday “Birthday Girl”


Strength/Skill Work: Basic tumbling skills


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

7 Bodyblasters (burpee-pullup-knees to elbows)

9shoulder press (W-45lbs, M-65lbs)

11 box jumps

400m run

4 thoughts on “090620 Saturday “Birthday Girl”

  1. elizabeth

    My Facebook post from today: 42 today and loving every minute of it – Thanks to CrossFit Asheville the biggest factor in my overall health and happiness ! From believing I CAN to improved posture I am just getting better with age ! THANKS coaches Corey ,Randy, Shanna & Adam(before he moved) every single comment has been listened to and appreciated greatly. Love “Birthday Girl”

  2. Shanna Post author


    Thank you for the kind words. You are a pleasure to coach and work with. I love seeing your progress and can’t wait to see how well you will be rocking WODs by 43! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  3. Shanna Post author

    RK 5rnds +bodyblasters, 2 SPs
    Elizard 4rnds
    Anna 3.75rnds, SP @35lbs
    Red Foot 3.85rnds SP 1st rnd 65lbs, 2,3rd @ 35lbs, 4th @ 45lbs
    Birthday Girl 4rnds in 20:16, 35lb SP, jumping pullups
    Charley 21 blodyblasters, 18 SP @ 35lbs, 33 box jumps, 1600m run
    Shanna 5 rnds + body blasters, SP @ 45lbs


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