090621 Sunday “Role Models”


“Wow, our parents are strong.”

In a society focused on making things “easier” and “more convenient” we are seeing a rapid decay in the physical capacity of our youth, parents, and grandparents. With the advent of scooters, Segways, rolling coolers, chairs that stand you up, and scoopers for your dog” ball we have to reach less, stand less, walk, run, push and pull less.

I overheard one curious youngster say that to another child this past week. “I know, they sweat a lot, too” was her reply.

We are hand-cuffed by our inabilities. Do you get out of breath walking up a flight of stairs? If you ran out of gas and your cell phone died, could you hike to the gas station? “I wouldn’t ever put myself in that situation.” By avoiding activity our body decreases its capacity. Use it or lose it.

Their parents sweat. Their parents work hard. Their parents show them hard work can pay off. Their parents show them that with a little perseverance, they too can get their first pull up.

“Isn’t CrossFit hard?” Yes, and that makes life easy. Improve your ability to squat and walking up stairs is easy. Run a quarter mile while racing your friend and walking to the gas station is easy. We show you the way to an easy life, by making it hard on you.

“Mom, I want to be fit too”. One of our new mothers overcame a bit of soreness after her first visit to come back for a second. She felt even better by the third. Her son was able to watch her sweat, breath hard, and fight her way through the third workout in a week. He was inspired.

CrossFit can benefit everyone, but not everyone will benefit from CrossFit. Why? CrossFit only works if you want results. Some people are ok with the slow decay of modern life. Those who fight life, who fight the decay, who fight for their kids will benefit from CrossFit.

On this Father” Day, make the choice for your kids. Inspire them to be hard-working adults. Encourage them to embrace life. Persuade them to make life easy not by avoiding it, but by dominating it.

Happy Father” Day to all our CrossFit dads. Thanks for being such great examples for our youth.