090627 Saturday “Anna”

Birthday Wishes today to Anna!

Birthday Wishes today to Anna!

Strength/Skill Work: Find a bilateral 3 rep max Turkish Get-up (TGU). Use dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells,med balls, peopleor weighted object of your choosing. Just make sure you can complete the movement with both arms!


600m run

10 TGUs (5 per arm)

400m run

8 TGUs

200m run

6 TGUs

400m run

4 TGUs

600m run

2 TGUs

For time.

Use approximately 70% of your 3RM for the Turkish Get-up.

One thought on “090627 Saturday “Anna”

  1. Shanna Post author

    Elizabeth Hake 25lbKB 3RM, 20:15 with 18lbs KB
    Anna 20lbKB 3RM, 17:11w/15lbKB
    M3 35lbDB3RM, 16:57 w/25lb
    Sarah E. 18:02 @ 12lbs
    Daniel Smith 15:53 @ 35lbs


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