Tuesday 090623 “The Flash”


Strength/Skill Work:

Shoulder Press: Find a 5,3 or 1 rep max depending on what work set you have last done. Example if you last found a 5 rep, find a 3 rep.


Completemax roundsin 15 minutesof the following:

100 single jump ropes or 25 double unders

100 feet suicide drill with turn points every 20 feet

5 handstand push-ups

10 heavy kettlebell swings

12 front squats holding medicine ball

5 thoughts on “Tuesday 090623 “The Flash”

  1. J$

    Suicide drills? Is that a real exercise? My therapist said not to do anything that has the word suicide in it.

  2. Matt B

    Yeah, J$, I’ve been debating with myself why they call them Suicides. Do they make you want to die? Or are they just a way of killing yourself?

  3. Mr K


    Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. -Lou Holtz

  4. Matt M

    great quote Mr. K

    i’ve always heard/said that suicides are called that because you would rather kill yourself than do them

    way back in HS, our wrestling team would do suicides on the basketball court…baseline to freethrow line, back and out to half court, back and out to the other FT line, back and out to the far end of the court…but that was a few years ago (ahem)

  5. Shanna Post author

    Results for “The Flash”
    Phil 4rnds, 45#KB
    J$ 2rnds+jmprp+suicides+KB
    Mark 3rnds-single rope,25&45lbKB
    Greg 4rnds singlerope, wall handstnd, 35#KB
    Phoebe 3rnds+Jmprp+suicides; SP 59lbsx3
    M3: 3rnds+Jmprp+suicides;SP 145lbsx5
    Sarah: 3rnds
    KK 4rnds+65jmpropes; 44lbKB; SP 89lbsx5
    Brent 3rnds+40jmpropes
    Edwin 4rnds+80jmpropes
    MCK 3rnds+suicides+jmprp
    Kelly 3rnds+jmprp
    Melanie 3rnds+jmprp
    Leslie 3rnds+suicides; SP 64lbsx3
    A 3rnds+suicides+jmprp; SP 74lbsx3
    Matt B. 3rnds+suicide; SP 105lbsx5
    Betsy 4rnds+KB45lbs+10medball squats; SP 69lbsx3
    JB 2rnds+suicide+jmprp
    Elizard 3rnds+suicides+jmprp; SP 69lbsx3
    Daniel Smith 3rnds+jmprp+suicides
    Kimberly 3rnds+suicides, 35lbKB; SP 55lbsx5
    Katie 4rnds+jmprp; SP 59lbsx3
    Dale 3rnds+jmprp+suicides;SP 100lbsx3
    Sean 3rnds+jmprp+9/10suicides; SP 155lbsx3
    Brian 2rnds w/25lbKB; SP 95lbs
    Carrie KB 25lbs; SP 41lbsx5
    Brad 4rnds w/45lbKB
    LL 3rnds+suicides+jmprp+1HSPU, 45lbKB, bandHSPU, single ropes
    Alex 4rnds+jmprp+3/5suicides, 45lbKB
    Shanna 5rnds-7frontsquats, 45lbKB, dbl unders


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