090922 Tuesday “Lordy, lordy…”

Happy Birthday Robert!

Happy Birthday Robert!

Strength/Skill Work: Push-press
40 double unders (120 singles jumps)
40 push-ups
40 box jumps
40 push press (50-60% of today’s max)
40 power cleans (same as push-press)
For time.

4 thoughts on “090922 Tuesday “Lordy, lordy…”

  1. elizabeth Hake

    wow can’t wait to help you celebrate your birthday by shedding a few buckets of sweat! Robert happy birthday i am just glad you are 40 and not 50 – 40 is the new 30 if you haven’t heard!

  2. Corey

    Robert “Bday boy” 10:44 65lbs
    Matt B. 10:05 65lbs
    Steven 12:50 55lbs
    Chad 7:32 90lbs ring push-ups
    Corey 8:07 88lbs ring push-ups
    Kimberly 12:53 35lbs
    Shanna 12:57 63lbs ring push-ups
    Janice 11:30 42lbs
    Shalene 10:22 35lbs
    Sean 10:55 75lbs
    Leslie 11:27 30lbs
    Karl 8:04 63lbs
    MCK 10:05 35lbs
    Daniel 11:19 75lbs
    Elin 12:26 64lbs PP 124×1
    EHake 11:15 55lbs PP 100×5


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