090923 Wednesday “Siamese Twins”

Triple extension!!!

Triple extension!!!

Strength/Skill Work: Power Clean

Optional work-sets: Power clean+clean @ 75% x4 sets


Max reps of the following exercises are to be completed within the allotted time.

Couplet A

4 rounds of:

40 seconds Hang Power Clean (M-115lbs, W-75lbs or ~60% of today’s max power clean)

20 seconds rest

40 seconds Ring Dips

20 seconds rest

After the four rounds of the first couplet are completed rest for 1 minute before beginning the next couplet.

Couplet B

40 seconds Kettlebell swing (M-1.5 pood, W-1 pood)

20 seconds rest

40 seconds Pull-ups

20 seconds rest.

Post total reps and loadsto comments.