090925 Friday “Lunging Annie”


Strength/Skill Work: Deadlift*


50 double unders

50 sit-ups

100 ft overhead walking lunge (45/25lb plates)

40 double unders

40 sit-ups

100 ft overhead walking lunge

30 double unders

30 sit-ups

100 ft overhead walking lunge

20 double unders

20 sit-ups

100 ft overhead walking lunge

10 double-unders

10 sit-ups

100 ft overhead walking lunge

For time.

*Those that were here yesterdayandare ona 5, 3, or 1RM max day are recommended to do a work-set today. The first two sequences for work-sets are 5×5 at 70%, 5×5 at 75%.Complete 70% unless you did that last time we deadlifted. If so, today is 75%.

Another alternative if the thought of deadlifting makes you completely cringe is to complete one of the strength/skills you may have missed earlier in the week.

8 thoughts on “090925 Friday “Lunging Annie”

  1. Laura

    This may be a dumb question but here goes: Do the arms need to be fully locked out overhead (martini-glass arms 🙂 ), with the weighted plate for the OH walking lunges? I think yes…otherwise it’s just a weighted lunge, correct?

  2. Matt Baldwin

    Folks it’s all of you who keep me motivated to keep showing up and working hard. Y’all inspire me, even when, like today, I’m working out on only 4 hours of sleep and can’t think straight enough to count reps of situps or jumprope. I look forward to tomorrow morning (and the 8 hours of sleep I plan to get before then).

  3. Shanna Post author

    Joe 15lbs 19:08
    Robert 25lbs 15:44
    Kate 18:45
    Julie 10lbs 20:25
    Daniel 45lbs 14:32
    Rustan 45lbs 16:32
    Kase 10lbs 16:28
    Sean (Annie only) 8:20
    Chasedy 10lbs 17:07 DL 207×5 PR
    Mark 22lbs 10:53
    Kimberly 10lbs 16:43
    Dale 25lbs 10:30
    MCK 10lbs 16:04
    KK 22lbs 14:30
    Phoebe 10lbs 15:25
    Shannon 10lb 14:15
    Brian 10lbs 20:45
    J$ 10lbs 21:20


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