090929 Tuesday “Bear Country”

Strength/Skill Work: Kip Swing


Complete 3 rounds of the following:

5 Bear Complex Cycles (Power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, push press)

Immediately followed by max effort chest-to-bar pull ups. (Use an assistance with which a minimum of 15 pull-ups may be completed per round.)

Rest as needed b/w rounds. (3-5 minutes) Work to increase weight for the bear cycle each round.

*Reminder that 6am classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays starts today!*

This Saturday’s 9am class will be take place at Bent Creek for the Assault Series 5k trail/road race. There is also a 1 mile fun run at 11am and two mountain bike races at noon and 1:00. Entry fees are extremely reasonable and all proceeds go to support Bent Creek Park! $10 5k or MTB, $5 mile fun run, $16 for both 5k & MTB. Oh, and if neither of these events sound enticing you can always come on to cheers on participants while enjoying a free cold beer from French Broad Brewing Company! Pull out your CFA attire and meet us there! Find more information here.

CrossFit Endurance: Run: 10 x 200m Hill repeats with 5 times the recovery (Ex.if it takes 40 seconds to run the 200m then you recover 3:20). All are welcome to meet Dale & Shanna at the gym at 1:00 for this one if interested!

One thought on “090929 Tuesday “Bear Country”

  1. Corey

    Name Heaviest bear complex/highest round of pullups/total pullups/bands used

    Matt B. 104.5lbs/31/67/blue+purple
    Ali 35lbs/20/49/grey then grey+red
    Daniel 115lbs/18/47/none
    Jason 85lbs/18/49/blue+green
    Bev 48lbs/20/?/green
    KK 80lbs/17/49/blue
    MCK 31lbs/20/50/green
    Phil 85lbs/15/45/none
    Kelly 43lbs/20/57/green
    Janice 53lbs/17/48/gray+red
    Katie 65lbs/20/55/purple
    Brian 65lbs/20/42/green
    Chad 135lbs/34/71/none
    J$ 74lbs/17/46/green then grey
    Shannon 88lbs/16/41/red
    Daniel St.98.5lbs/18/47/none
    Elin 105lbs/16/47/green/green/green+red
    Shanna 84lbs/23/43/none 2rounds only
    Elizabeth 75lbs/32/68/blue,green, green+red


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