090930 Wednesday “Halestorm”

Thursday 090212 005

Strength/Skill Work: Shoulder Press


400m run


Push-press (Use 65-70% of today’s max shoulder press not to exceed 95/65)

Box Jumps

400m run

(Rock it Josh!)

7 thoughts on “090930 Wednesday “Halestorm”

  1. Micah

    Oh yippee! I’m really excited about this one, though I’m a little sore from going for a run last night. Good stuff. –Micah

  2. Corey

    Tom 7:53 88lbs
    Wendy 9:27
    Rachel 9:00
    Rustan 7:13 75lbs
    Laren 9:53
    Joe 8:56
    Charley 10:40
    Ethan 9:55 26″ bx jmps, 89lbs
    Chasedy 7:41 200m/45lbs SP65lbsx5
    Sean 9:000 24″box/89lbs bare feet! 🙂 SP 155lbsx3, 165lbsx1PR!
    Robert 7:59 70lbs
    Mark 6:53 65lbs 200m run, SP 104lbsx3
    Micah 9:33 20&15lbs dumbbells SP 2x25lbs DBs
    Steven 9:18 55lbs SP 5x90lbs
    Julie 9:35 200m run
    Katie 8:24 45lbs SP 65lbsx3
    Corey 9:03 98lbs/26″box
    Daniel 8:48 88lbs 24″ box SP 135lbsx3
    Leslie 9;30 200m run
    Dale 10:52 75lbs
    Jennifer 10:55 45lbs
    Mike P 10:31 80lbs
    Chris T. 9:49 65lbs SP 99lbsx3
    Ashley H. 8:31 45lbs/4plates
    Chad 6:57 95lbs/26″box
    Elin “Big E” 10:05 65lbs, SP 85lbsx3
    Eliz “lil e” 9:25 50lbs 200m SP 70lbsx4
    Shanna 9:02 65lbs

  3. Matt Baldwin


    if only I could make you see the wisdom of my practice. 😛

    Truly I am sorry I missed this brutal WOD. Believe me, I’ve been grading papers today, and it’s a lot less fun than doing CrossFit.

    But anyway, periodic or cyclical rest is important, and it’s really doing me good. (In case anyone reading this is wondering WTF I am talking about: I “rest” one week out of six… meaning I only do 2 WODs that week instead of 4-5). Anyway, I will see you Friday AM. You better have your game on!


  4. Josh

    Thanks for rockin’ my world, Asheville!!! You guys rule!
    The hip mobility exercises and stretches were incredibly refreshing, Shanna.
    And corey; your kip swing lesson….truly groundbreaking, dude!
    Topped off with an official Halestorm workout… Priceless! Might have to sub PP for HSPU tho. No room for weights on the bus:)…
    Keep in touch. Thanks again!
    Oh, Randy! Go eagles!!!:-P. Thanks for pushing me bro. See ya soon…USO tour maybe?!?!
    Rock on Asheville


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