091005 Monday “Max BPM”

Thursday 090212 014

Strength/Skill Work: Front squat


3 rounds of the following:

40 seconds of max rep wall ball

20 seconds rest

40 seconds of max rep power clean (65-70% of your PC 1RM not to exceed 135/95)

20 seconds rest

40 seconds of max rep box jumps

20 seconds rest

Post total reps and loads to comments.

4 thoughts on “091005 Monday “Max BPM”

  1. Jerry Wilson

    This is for Monday —- Strength/Skill Work Review Med Ball Clean and Sumo deadlift high-pull—- WOD—- 60 push-ups 50 sit-ups 40 sumo deadlift high-pulls (M-75lbs, W-55lbs) 30 medicine ball cleans 20 pull-ups For time. Brian 9:09, Jerry 11:54, Jason 18:39

  2. Shanna Duvall

    Congrats to Coach Randy Kite and the results of his PT test this weekend which included a PR in the two mile in 13:38 and overall score of 290! Keep rockin’ it Randy! Thanks for all you do for not only CFA but our country!

  3. Corey

    Name Score Med Ball wght, power clean wght
    Tom 154 12lbMB, 105lbsPC
    Ali 116 4lbsMB, 38lbsPC
    Kimberly 124 4lbsMB, 45lbsPC
    Eva 167 4lbsMB, 45lbsPC
    Steven 158 6lbsMB, 75lbsPC
    Robert 174 6lbsMB, 75lbsPC
    Mark 143 6lbsMB, 75lbsPC
    Julie 114, 4lbsMB, 43/38lbs
    Dawn 150, 4lbsMB, 35lbs front squats
    Shalene 100, 6lbsMB, 53lbs
    KK 160, 6lbsMB, 99lbs PC
    MCK 139, 4lbsMB, 53lbs PC
    Katie 133, 8lbsMB, 55lbs PC
    Kelly 128, 4lbsMB, 55lbsPC
    Betsy 148, 6lbsMB, 74lbsPC
    Mike 129, 12lbsMB, 99lbsPC
    Lizie 122, 4lbsMB, 42lbsPC
    Brooke 120, 6lbsMB, 50lbsPC (25lbs dumbbell)
    Jennifer 131, 6lbsMB, 55lbsPC
    Ashley 118, 6lbsMB, 55lbsPC
    Tony 105, 6lbsMB, 53lbsPC
    Liz 137 4lbsMB, 42lbsPC
    Elizard 143 4lbsMB, 55lbsPC
    Elin 141, 8lbsMB, 71lbsPC
    Shannon 192, 8lbsMB, 65lbsPC
    Brian 129 4/8/4lbsMB, 63lbsPC
    Dara 128 4lbsMB, 71lbsPC


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