091021 Wednesday “Jeremy”


Strength/Skill Work: Push press



Overhead squats


For time.

Use 50-60% of your max OHS weight not to exceed 95/65lbs.

***CFA will be closed for the 5:30pm and 6:30pm sessions this Friday, October 23rd as well as all sessions on Saturday October 24th. Not to worry supplemental work-outs for at home fun will be posted.***

6 thoughts on “091021 Wednesday “Jeremy”

  1. Shanna Post author

    Name Time Overhead Squat Push-press

    Rachel 7:06 18lbs 58lbs
    Carly 6:54 38lbs 80lbs
    Lauren 7:36 38lbs 80lbs
    Tom 6:34 74.1lbs 115lbsx8
    Matt B. 6:33 45lbs 3x135lbs PR
    Daniel 4:58 95lbs Down from 7:32 with 77lbs on March 6, 09! Difference of 2:34 with 18 more lbs!
    Robert 4:34 22lbs 1x135lbs
    Kimberly 6:04 35lbs 1x85lbs
    Julie 8:35 23lbs 53lbs
    Sean 7:30 95lbs 1x205lbs
    Dale 4:50 65lbs 5x110lbs
    Shaye 6:43 18lbs 2x75lbs
    Kelly 7:01 18lbs 1x75lbs
    Amy H. 6:39 10lbs 1x53lbs
    Mike N. 5:05 45lbs 5x155lbs
    Chad 4:18 95lbs 4x175lbs
    Eliz Hake 5:52 45lbs 2x114lbs
    Elin 6:52 45lbs work sets @ 5x88lbs

  2. Shanna Post author

    On Ramp Results after 12 sessions over 6 weeks. Individuals used the same bands as day one in order to compare and I thought some were going to shoot themselves over the pull-up bar!
    The work-out is called “Bodyweight Sandwich” and consists of: 200m run then 15-12-9 Pull-ups, push-ups, squats and ends with 200m run.

    Name Day 1 Time Day 12 Time
    Angela 10:58 7:18
    Jessica 9:10 7:11
    Britt 8:56 6:17
    Shawn 10:26 6:08
    Kim 8:58 6:50
    Kate D. 12:08 7:58
    Pancho 8:01 6:42
    Russell 13:24 7:43
    Julie 11:15 7:58
    Warren 10:00 7:48
    Nick 8:49 7:08
    Dan 8:38 6:57
    Brooke D. 10:39 8:49

    The same bands were used from day 1 to day 12 and if they did push-ups from their knees they were instructed to do the same this time in effort to keep variables the same. Evidently all did so except Russell who still had the biggest improvement and did all push-ups from his toes on day 12! Great work everyone!

  3. Matt Baldwin

    Hey all, a few people wondered about the story behind this WOD. It is a memorial WOD, originally designed for CrossFit Kids, in memoriam Jeremy Bloniasz, a 6 y.o. son of a CrossFitter, who died in 2006.

    For the original WOD see here.

  4. Shanna Post author


    Thanks for the history of today’s WOD. It’s always appropriate to remember those individuals the CrossFit Hero work-outs are named after.

    In memory of Jeremy…go get it!

  5. Tom

    Thanks a lot Matt. And good job to all the on rampers and the gains you’ve made in just 6 weeks! All of us who have been here a while, we expected this from you, because we all have been there, and continue to push ahead full steam as you will. Great job.


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