091023 Friday “Grace”

We miss you Laura!  Hope all is well in TX!

We miss you Laura! Hope all is well in TX!

Strength/Skill Work: Handstands



30 reps of clean and jerk

for time.

Use 65-70% of your max jerk not to exceed 135/95lbs.

Weekend Closing Alert: ***CFA will be closed for the 5:30pm and 6:30pm sessions this Friday, October 23rd as well as all sessions on Saturday October 24th. Not to worry supplemental work-outs for at home fun will be posted.***

New Class Time: Starting TODAY we will have a 5:20am class Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!

13 thoughts on “091023 Friday “Grace”

  1. Shanna Post author

    Name Time Weight Handstand Hold Improvements

    Kate 3:28 38lbs
    Kim 4:05 31lbs
    Rachel 4:33 38lbs 59 seconds faster
    Lauren 3:54 65lbs 36 seconds faster, 5lbs heavier
    J$ 4:16 66lbs 40 seconds
    Carly 4:16 60lbs 1:34 9 seconds faster,30lbs heavier 8/8!!
    Robert 3:06 75lbs
    Betsy F. 3:44 28lbs
    Shawn 4:44 63lbs
    Matt B. 5:55 110lbs 1:33
    Britt 4:39 38lbs 2:00
    Charley 3:54 55lbs
    Tom 3:12 95lbs
    Eva 3:26 48lbs 2:07
    Dawn 3:46 43lbs
    Tony 4:44 38lbs 1:09
    Julie 4:28 32lbs 1:07
    DW 5:28 115lbs
    Amy H. 4:32 38lbs 2:15 11 seconds faster, 15lbs heavier from 8/7!
    MCK 3:30 43lbs
    Jen L. 3:02 48lbs 1:02
    KK 2:21 101.2lbs 2:22 7 seconds faster, 16lbs heavier from 8/7!
    Kate V 3:25 42lbs 49 secs
    Kimberly 3:34 55lbs 1:45 2:34 faster!
    Steven 2:05 55lbs 35sec 3:30 faster! First time in a handstand!
    Tamara 4:15 58lbs 1:58 8/7/09 48lbs in 5:10!
    L 5:02 38lbs 3lbs heavier and 1:50 faster than 8/7!!
    Bev 3:29 45lbs 1:15 faster than 8/7 with 10 lbs more!

  2. Corey

    @Betsy – that “little bit” was 30% more… AND the last time you did it was with PVC!!! Great work hun.

    Saw some very gutsy performances this morning. I’m proud to coach all of you.

  3. Tamara

    Thanks to the 6:00 am class for inspiring me and to the noon class for rockin’ Grace with me! I forgot how a 4:00 minute WOD can whip your butt. I am going to sleep well tonight.


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