091026 Monday “Brutal”


Strength/Skill Work: Thruster


~600m run (1 block around building)

20 overhead squats (M-95lbs, W-65lbs)

35 double-unders (105 singles if unable to do DUs)

20 push-press (M-95lbs, W-65lbs)

35 push-ups

20 thrusters (M-95lbs, W-65lbs)

600m run

For time.

Use ~60% of today’s thruster OR your max overhead squat weight, whichever is your limiting factor. This work-out is meant to use the same weight for all lifts. The one exception will be for those that have yet to develop adequate shoulder flexibility for the overhead squat. If your OHS weight is substantially less than your thruster weight use a PVC for the OHS and the same bar for push-press and thrusters.

This WOD was last done on the 18th of August. It is meant to take between 12 and 15 minutes. If you hit that time range last time use the same weight. If you were faster than 12 minutes it is time to bump the weight up and if you were over 15 minutes scale better today! Lastly, please note that if running is not your strength (yet) that it is important to also scale back the run. For example, today’s run could be scaled to between 300 and 400m.

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  1. Shanna Post author

    Name Time Weight Run/Row Distance Strength Thruster Wght

    Rustan 11:07 70lbs 600m 125lbsx5
    Britt 11:39 22lbs 600m 42lbsx5
    Wendy 12:35 35lbs 600m 60lbs
    Shawn 12:29 44lbs 600m 65lbsx5
    Carly 15:34 48/38 lbs 600m 75lbsx5
    Betsy 14:37 23lbs 400m 43lbsx5
    Tom 12:24 75lbs 600m 115lbsx5
    Julie 15:26 28lbs 600m 53lbsx3
    Daniel W. 19:14 95lbs 500m row 115lbsx5
    KK 10:26 45 OHS/70 thrust 600m 109lbsx5
    MCK 13:58 35lbs 600m 58lbsx5
    Mark 10:41 35/51 600m 85lbsx5
    Sarah 11:48 35lbs 400m 58lbs 5×5
    Kimberly 16:40 55lbs 500m row 63lbs 5×5
    Dan 13:45 45/18 600m 75lbs 5×5
    Lauren 17:07 35 OHS/55 thrust 600m 95lbsx1
    Jennifer 11:43 33/18 600m 63lbsx3
    Dale 12:30 65lbs 600m 93lbs 5×5
    Liz 12:21 18/28 600m 48lbsx5
    Ashley 12:32 35lbs 600m 70lbsx3
    Phoebe 13:13 50lbs 600m 85lbsx3
    Katie 15:20 55lbs 600m 75lbs worksets
    Mike 13:14 75lbs 600m 95lbsx5
    Chris T. 12:21 55lbs 400m 105lbsx3
    Robert 11:06 63lbs 600m 125×1
    Pancho 15:55 64lbs 600m 64lbsx1
    Aileen 11:42 38lbs 400m 58lbsx5
    M3 15:15 75lbs 500m row 140lbsx5
    Brian 16:10 60/45 600m 99lbsx1
    Lizie 13:21 23lbs 600m 69lbsx1
    Daniel 14:08 95lbs 600m 115lbs 5×5

  2. Jerry Wilson

    Strength/Skill Work: Single support deadlift if you have yet to do so)

    The single support deadlifts are the best! I had some fun with them and look forward to doing them the next time.


    5 rounds of:

    30 seconds of max rep power cleans (70% of power clean 1RM not to exceed 135/95lbs)

    30 seconds of max rep box jumps

    1 minute rest

    Nicole is home and part of Jerry’s Crew it was great to have her in the box
    Nicole 58 pounds 55 reps 20 inch box 48 reps
    Jason 65 pounds 45 reps 20 inch box 54 reps
    Jerry 95 pounds 62 reps 20 inch box 51 reps


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