091027 Tuesday “Jump Ball”


Strength/Skill Work: Hang Power Clean




Kettlebell swings (1.5/1 pood)

Box jumps (24″/20″)

For time.

11 thoughts on “091027 Tuesday “Jump Ball”

  1. Shanna Post author

    Name Time KB Wght Box Hght Hang Pwr Cln

    Dawn 7:16 18lbs 20″ step-ups 5x68lbs
    Frank 8:45 26lbs 20″ 5x88lbs
    Shawn 8:45 26lbs 20″ 5x65lbs
    Daniel 9:23 53lbs 24″ 5×5@120lbs
    Matt B 9:48 53lbs 24″ 3x130lbs/5x120lbs
    Bruce 9:18 35lbs 14″ 5x68lbs
    Shonnie 7:26 18lbs 12″ 5x51lbs
    David 9:24 53lbs 20″ 5x5x135lbs
    Jason 10:23 35lbs 20″ 3x3x110lbs
    Elizard 9:15 20lbs 20″ 1x80lbs
    Leslie 7:44 18lbs 12.5″ 61lbs
    KK 7:12 44lbs 20″ 2x5x115lbs PR
    Ali 6:34 18lbs 12″ 2x5x56lbs
    Jen 9:01 15lbs 16″ 2x5x56lbs
    Phil 7:43 44lbs 23″ 3x5x114lbs
    Sean 7:14.5 45lbs 23″ 5x5x165lbs
    Jen 7:14.1 26lbs 20″ 5x5x78lbs
    Katie 8:05 35lbs 20″ 5x80lbs
    Mike P 9:50 35lbs 20″ 3x135lbs
    Chris G 6:48 35lbs 22.5″ 4x140lbs
    Tenn Brad 7:37 45lbs 24″ 5x185lbs
    DanielSt. 6:48 35lbs 22.5″ 4x143lbs No joke Chris! Same time, different class. Unreal. Gonna do that on the Green??
    Lizie 9:43 20lbs 20″ 3x5x68lbs
    Ashley 9:12 26lbs 17.5″ 3x93lbs
    Brooke 9:05 25lbs 14″ 3x80lbs
    J$ 7:54 20lbs 15″ 5x74lbs work sets
    Elin 8:50 35lbs 20″ 5x5x88lbs work sets

  2. Shanna Post author

    Just to clarify reps for this work-out. The top line refers to the number of kettlebell swings and the bottom line refers to the box jumps. Alternate between the two going down by 3 with KBS and up by 3 with box jumps. I heard that some thought we were doing the whole sequence down and then up again. THAT would be evil. Goal is 7-10 minutes. Go get it!

  3. Micah

    Thanks to Shawn and Daniel for helping my sorry ass get through this morning. I just don’t feel I’ve accomplished anything at all some days. I appreciate the extra push.

  4. Mr K

    This is getting serious when timing goes to the tenth of a second!

    Great job Sean and Jen. No competitivness at work here?!?

  5. Chris

    No way! That is ridiculous. We need to come in for a tie-breaker workout later this week. Great WOD today for sure… I think I left my notebook sitting out when I rushed to class, sorry!

  6. Jerry Wilson

    WOD 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 3-6-9-12-15-18-21 Kettlebell swings (1.5/1 pood) Box jumps (24″/20″) For time.
    Brian took this one 40 lbs KB 24″ box 7:07
    Jason 30 lbs KB 20″ box 8:32
    Jerry 40 lbs KB 22″ box 7:46 Good WOD


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