091028 Wednesday Push Jerk, Push

Strength/Skbaill Work: Push Jerk


7 Rounds of

5 Push Jerks

15 Back squats

For time.

Use 50% of your 5 rep max push jerk. No racks for this work-out. Take the bar onto your back after the 5th push jerk. The push jerk off your back once you finish the back squat may count as the first rep of the next round. Use caution when bringing the bar onto your back. Be sure to bring your shoulder blades together and absorb (dip down) the bar with your body rather than “plopping” the bar onto the back of your neck.

6 thoughts on “091028 Wednesday Push Jerk, Push

  1. Shanna Post author

    Name Time Weight Push Jerk Wght
    Kim S. 9:04 18lbs 5x38lbs
    Kate 9:15 22lbs 5x48lbs
    Dan F. 9:15 45lbs 5x85lbs
    Wendy 8:55 35lbs 5x65lbs
    Rachel 8:52 32lbs 5x60lbs
    Lauren 7:38 35lbs 1x95lbs
    Carly 8:52 45lbs 5x85lbs, 2x99lbs
    Matt B. 8:38 55lbs 3x135lbs/5x115lbs
    Elizard* 7:25 35lbs 5x75lbs
    Britt 7:06 28lbs 5x53lbs
    Robert 6:33 55lbs 3x88lbs
    Charley 8:59 35lbs
    Tom 6:12 65lbs 2x5x135lbs
    David* 7:25 75lbs 3x5x155lbs
    Eva 8:54 35lbs 3x85lbs
    Mark 8:05 65lbs 5x89lbs
    Sarah 7:48 33lbs 5x78lbs
    Julie S. 10:35 18lbs 5x43lbs
    Kimberly 7:50 45lbs 5x89lbs
    Jen L. 8:03 33lbs 5x68lbs
    Phoebe 7:25 38lbs 5x5x70lbs
    Amy H. 11:48 24lbs 2x5x48lbs
    Ali 10:48 23.5lbs 3x5x50.5lbs
    Mike 10:04 89lbs 5x153lbs
    Tamara 9:06 22lbs 5x43lbs
    Patricia 7:03 42lbs 5x84lbs
    Warren 7:20 28lbs 5x50lbs
    Liz* 9:10 18lbs 5x52lbs
    Katie* 7:00 40lbs 5x80lbs
    Shanna* 8:37 35lbs

    *Indicates those that did not put the bar down. My apologies for others that did not get recognized, but may have also completed the work-out in this fashion. David starting giving out “gold stars” later in the morning. 🙂 Great work everyone!


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