091029 Thursday “400m Time Trial, Pull-ups”


Strength/Skill Work: Sprint Drills


400m time trial

Full recovery then…

With a continuously running clock do one pull-up the first minute, two pull-ups the second minute, threepull-ups the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.

Sets may be broken during the minute. TheWOD is completed onceyou are unable to complete the designated number ofpull-ups within the minute.

3 thoughts on “091029 Thursday “400m Time Trial, Pull-ups”

  1. Shanna Post author

    Name 400m time/500m row Pull-ups # of rounds plus reps

    Bruce 1:23 7rnds+4 green
    Frank 1:08 9+6 green
    Shonnie 1:18 8+5 green+purple
    Jason 1:09 run/1:49.7 row 8+8 no bands thru 5 rnds, then blue
    Eva 1:59.9 500m row 13+10 green + purple
    Daniel Smith 1:01 13+13 no bands
    Kimberly 1:24 10+9 blue
    Leslie 1:29 7+7 green
    Rustan 0:55 11+11 no bands
    Phil 1:02 13+4 no bands
    KK 1:12 9+9 “lavender”(placebo purple)
    Mike P. 1:20 10 green
    Betsy K. 1:04 8 no bands
    Jen L. 1:25 7+7 green
    Jennifer S. 1:31 8+4 green
    MCK 100m sprints on urg 9 blue
    Steven 1:07 11+7 blue
    Chris G. :57 11+9 no bands
    Corey :53 13 no bands


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