091120 Friday “Broken Cindy”

Thursday 090212 014

Strength/Skill Work: Push Press


Complete 5 rounds of the following with a 1 minute rest between rounds.

As many rounds as possible in 3 minutes of:

5 pull-ups

10 push-ups

15 squats

Begin each consecutive round where you left off on the previous round. For example, if in the first 3 minutes I complete 2 rounds plus 5 pull-ups and 6 push-ups I will begin the next three minute time period on the 7th push-up followed by the 15 squats to complete the 3rd overall round.

Post total rounds to comments/white board.

Post comments on how your total rounds compares to the full 20 minutes of Cindy.

2 thoughts on “091120 Friday “Broken Cindy”

  1. Matt Baldwin

    Bon Voyage to Shanna and Corey going to the Black Box! Get some learning in! Bon Voyage et Bon Chance to Tamara at the Certification this weekend in Atlanta! And isn’t someone else going too?

  2. Shanna Post author

    Name Rounds+Reps Modifications/Bands Push Press
    Sean C 15+5 none 5x5x135lbs
    Dan F. 10+2 placebo purple 3x129lbs, 1x134lbs
    MCK 13+5 blue 3x72lbs
    Amy 10+5 purple+blue 3x52lbs
    Phoebe 13 none! 1x85lbs
    Shaye 12 blue+purple 3x75lbs
    Betsy 12 none until last 4 rnds purple
    Dara 7+5 ? 5x5x75lbs
    Kim 10+23 ? 5x65lbs
    Liz 9+13 ? 5x75lbs
    Steven 10+5 ? 1x145lbs
    Pancho 9+5 ? 3x175lbs
    Brian 11+4 blue 5x110lbs
    Leslie 10+8 blue 1x85lbs
    Tara 8+10 ? 5x45lbs, 1x55lbs PR
    Ashley 13 grey 3x105lbs
    Aileen 9 green+purple 1x100lbs
    Shannon 12+2 red/knees 5x105lbs
    Eliz Hake 13+2 red 3x105lbs
    Shawn 10 none 3x114lbs
    Angela 8+15 5x38lbs
    Dawn 14 green/knees 5x66lbs
    Tony 10+5 5x65lbs
    Kim S 10+6 3x58lbs
    Kate D 10 +15 ring rows/knees 5x78lbs
    Robert 13 none 1x140lbs
    Carly 10+5 blue 1x95lbs
    Britt 14+13 purple+blue, knees 5x58lbs
    Rustan 11+25 none 5x135lbs
    Matt B 10+ 15 none 1x150lbs
    Rachel E. 13 +2 green, knees 3x65lbs
    Betsy 11+5 grey, knees 1x65lbs
    Buck 12+5 2 purple bands 1x95lbs
    Tom 15+2 none 5x135lbs
    Chasedy 11+15 3x109lbs PR!
    Eva 13+15 knees, green 5x72lbsPR!
    Kimberly 12+5 2 purple 3x80lbs PR!
    Bev 15+1 purple+blue, knees 1x85lbsPR!
    Salin 9+29 blue, knees (half) 3x75lbs PR!
    David H 12 none 1x185lbs PR!
    Julie C 11+5 green, knees 2x3x58lbs


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