091121 Saturday “The Summit”

Notice: CrossFit Asheville is Closed Saturday November 21st, while Shanna and Corey are at the Black Box Summit, and Randy is training with the National Guard. All classes and open gym times are suspended until Monday.

Coach Corey during WOD #1 in Austin on Friday
For video click here. Look for Shanna at 3:50 ff.

Do it Yourself WOD:

5 rounds of

200 meter run followed by
max rep burpees, in 2 minutes.

2 minutes rest between rounds.

Post total burpees to comments.

You have two minutes total to complete the run and burpees. For example, if it takes you 45 seconds to run 200 meters, then you have 1:15 to do max rep burpees; if it takes you 60 seconds to do your 200 meters, you have 60 seconds to do max rep burpees. Then rest 2 minutes, and continue your work.

Good luck!