091124 Tuesday “Bear Attack”


Strength/Skill Work: Snatch Balance


Complete 3 rounds of the following:

5 Bear Complex Cycles (Power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, push press)

Immediately followed by max effortring dips (Use an assistance with which a minimum of 12ring dipsmay be completed per round.)

If you can not do ring dips then do push-ups!

Rest as needed b/w rounds. (3-5 minutes) Work to increase weight for the bear cycle each round.

Thanksgiving Closings

Regarding the Thanksgiving Holiday we will close after the 9:20am class on Wednesday morning and reopen on Monday at 5:20am.

We hope to have a great group Wednesday morning…we will have another obstacle course to kick off the holiday weekend. Hopefully the weather will cooperate!

8 thoughts on “091124 Tuesday “Bear Attack”

  1. Shanna

    There WILL be work-outs posted for the holidays. Thursday, Friday and Saturday will have WODs with scheduled rest day for Sunday.

    No limit to class sizes tomorrow. So those that normally attend the evening sessions remember that we start at 5:20am tomorrow! The work-out will allow for a rolling start and be workable for a large group. It’s going to be fun, hope to see many of you there!!

  2. Shanna Post author

    Name Heaviest Bear Complex Total Dips/Push-ups Snatch Balance
    Ed 64lbs 33 18lbs
    Wendy 48lbs 36 38lbs
    Rachel 43lbs 36 33lbs
    Betsy 38lbs 39 3x38lbs
    Tony 47lbs 35 3x42lbss
    Lauren 74lbs 33 5x38lbs
    Shawn 65lbs 46 5x45lbs
    Tamara 74lbs 41 purples Rnd1, red Rnd 2/3 3x48lbs
    Eva 52lbs 37 5x48lbs
    Terumi 38lbs 35 5x38lbs
    KK 101.2lbs 45 red band 5x5x35lbs
    Daniel Smith 115lbs 52 3x125lbs
    Tom 129lbs 36 3x124lbs
    Phoebe 65lbs 37 red band 3x60lbs
    Chad 135lbs 4.5rnds 62 3x109lbs
    M3 109lbs 4 rnds 54 green band
    J$ 68lbs 63 green band
    Dara 70lbs 54 green band 5x70lbs


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