091128 Saturday “Movement is Life”

Ready for your summer haircut yet??

Ready for your summer haircut yet??

Strength/Skill Work: Spend 5 minutes working head/headstands.

WOD Options:

Option A)

5 rounds for time of:

10 tuck jumps (Jump into the air and pull knees towards chest)

15 push-ups

20 squats

For time.

Option B)

CrossFit Endurance WOD

Warm-up adequately and then:

6x 3 minutes intervals

Rest for 1 minute following the 1st, 3rd and 5th interval, rest for 3 minutes after the 2nd and 4th interval. Cover as much distance as possible over the 3 minute periods.

Post experiences/results to comments.

9 thoughts on “091128 Saturday “Movement is Life”

  1. Matt Baldwin

    So, Mike P, his sister’s friend Troy, M3, and I met up at the Botanical Gardens parking lot to work out this morning. Initially, we intended to examine the old fitness trail behind the USDA Research Station. We didn’t find much: just some pretty useless pull-up bars (1.5″ slippery galvanized aluminum). So we headed up to UNCA track. There wasn’t a lot of enthusiasm for any of the WODs listed for today or yesterday… for some reason, probably because we wanted to combine sprinting with calisthenics. We were almost going to do the endurance WOD but Troy said let’s do some calisthenics too. We tried for a while to figure out how to work calisthenics into the CFE WOD, to no avail. Finally we came up with a plan:

    WOD: “Grumpy Old Men”

    4 rounds of 6 minutes each, do 800 meter sprint, followed by 25 reps of sit-ups on the first round, 25 reps of push-ups on the second round, 25 reps of squats on the third round, and 25 burpees on the fourth round.

    But… after we finished the first round, and decided during the rest period to make it 800, 600, 400, 200 meters instead of 4 x 800.

    Results: Everybody finished.
    If we’d been thinking about it, we would have written down our splits for the sprints and the calisthenics. Duh. I think I can remember mine, at least. These times are not guaranteed: 800 meters: 3:30, 25 sit-ups: 0:50; 600 meters: 8:35 (2:35), 25 push-ups: 1:00; 400 meters: 13:25 (1:35), 25 squats: 0:50; 200 meters: 18:37 (0:37), 25 burpees: finished by 21:20.
    Order of finishers: Matt B, M3, Troy, Mike P.

  2. M3

    that’s a good time, Kate!

    i can’t wait till Matt B. gives the write up for what we ended up doing today…it was good, but probably a disaster from a programming stand point. 🙂

  3. M3

    lol, crosspost…

    i think you called out 22:26 for me when i did my last burpee.

    hard to mark your own splits for sure…i think i was 3:46 for the 800 but after that…

    it was plenty challenging, i have a crusty layer of salt on my face so i was sweating plenty.

  4. Dara

    Did 5 minutes of handstands against the side of the house. Completed the option “A” workout in 11:03. Also managed to confuse and possible scare my neighbors. SUCCESS!


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