This Weekend and Holiday Closings

CrossFit Asheville will be closed THIS Saturday November 21st. Randy will be instructing a class for the National Guard while Corey and Shanna will be in Austin, Tx.

What’s going on in Austin?

This weekend will be the first Black Box Summit which will involve the following:

CrossFit affiliate business owners and leaders around the country have stepped up to join the Black Box Summit in order to empower each affiliate with training and business skills. The skills gained at this summit will help improve your affiliate experience, increase your professionalism, improve your trainer and coaching skills, and to become a high caliber CrossFit affiliate box owner. Collectively, the coaches, athletes, and gym owners featured at this summit have over 30 years of experience in the industry. They will be providing proven methods, systems, and structures that have kick-started, grown and improved their box.

Thanksgiving Closings

Regarding the Thanksgiving Holiday we will close after the 9:20am class on Wednesday morning and reopen on Monday at 5:20am.

We thank you for your understanding and we look forward to your continued growth and success at CrossFit Asheville!

5 thoughts on “This Weekend and Holiday Closings

  1. Mr K

    Shanna- How about broaching the subject of a reciprocity understanding or reduced attendance cost when current members of Crossfit affiliates are visiting other affiliates for workouts when traveling out of their home area. It may require a membership card or something but there should be some value in being the member of an affiliate rather than an “on one’s own” Crossfitter. Have a safe and productive trip!

  2. M3

    thanks…i ended up with a naaaasssty job at the end of the day…just got in and the only thing i’m thinkn bout is a hot shower…see you monday.

    anyone doing anything tomorrow?


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