091127 Friday “Turkey’s Revenge”

Dara finishing a TGU with the 53 pound kettlebell!

Dara finishing a TGU with the 53 pound kettlebell!

8 Rounds for time:
20m Walking Lunge
200m run


10 Rounds for time:
10 Burpees
30 seconds rest
Subtract 5 min from overall time

Post which WOD and times to comments.

7 thoughts on “091127 Friday “Turkey’s Revenge”

  1. Shanna Post author

    Kate- Yes, half the track is 200m. 20m can be found between those funky colored arrows on a track known as the “exchange zone” for relays. Or there are often dashes every 10m on the straight-aways. You can always estimate if you aren’t at a track. Have fun!
    Corey and I got in some Olympic lifts at SPC-CrossFit in Hudson, Ohio today. Always great to visit other affiliates.
    We meet CrossFit’s founder Coach Greg Glassman at an affiliate in Barberton, Ohio tomorrow.

    See y’all Monday!

  2. kate

    pathetically, i chose to do the burpees. i just got home from work with the kids and couldn’t drag them to the track. i did the WOD B in 14:26 – 5 mins is 9:26. i guess i just should be happy that i did 100 burpees to counter-act the 100 glasses of wine i drank to put up with my folks.

    matt, i will not be able to go in the morning. thanks anyway! hope everyone had a great holiday! kate duinkerken


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