091211 Friday “Ground 2 Overhead”

Chad's inverted legless ropeclimb!

Chad's inverted legless ropeclimb!

Strength/Skill Work Clean Pulls: work up and complete 3×3 at ~10% heavier than today’s working weight for WOD


In 10 minutes, complete as many reps as possible from ground to overhead.
You may use any technique you like to move the load. Bar must be extended overhead with the knees and hips in full extension.
Try to use ~10% more than your recent Grace work-out/or 80% your 5RM push jerk not to exceed 135/95lbs.

****CFA will be closed for the following classes: *****

  • Friday December 11th: 5:30pm, 6:30pm
  • Saturday December 12th: 9am, On Ramp make-up at 10am

Also, there will be a 4:30pm class today only! There is also a regularly scheduled noon class.

8 thoughts on “091211 Friday “Ground 2 Overhead”

  1. T-Bone

    Hey, 6:00 am crew…thanks for showing me what this WOD will be like tomorrow at the competition! You guys are awesome. I’ll do my best to kick butt for ya. Bring the pain!

  2. tara

    I can’t believe I didnt get my butt out of bed for this!!! I totally overslept. I’m going to be kicking myself all day.

  3. Shanna Post author

    Name Half way/Total reps Weight Total weight moved (reps x weight)
    Dan 32/64 70lbs 4480
    Shawn 40/73 70lbs 5110
    Britt 45/85 48lbs 4080
    Kim S. 35/75 38lbs 2850
    Rustan 30/44 115lbs 5060
    Matt B. 25/40 120lbs 4800
    Eva 40/81 55lbs 4455
    Loren 43 75lbs 3225
    David H. 25/46 135lbs 6210
    Dawn 27/53 55lbs 2915
    Terumi 87 42lbs 3654
    Sean 49 135lbs 6615
    Dale 25/45 115lbs 5175
    Bev 51 52lbs 2652
    Shalene (Hang Pwr Cln) 40/76 38lbs 2888
    Julie C. 33/58 38lbs 2204
    Amy 35/61 38lbs 2318
    MCK 26/58 53lbs 3074
    Mark 35/63 77lbs 4851
    Kimberly 30/55 65lbs 3575
    Kelly 23/44 65lbs 2860
    Betsy K. 35 95lbs 3325
    Steven 75 75lbs 5625
    Corey D. 67 135lbs 9045
    Chad 56 135lbs 7560
    KK 43 135lbs 5805
    Shanna 57 95lbs 5415
    Katie 28 95lbs 2660
    Tamara 26 95lbs 2470

  4. Matt Baldwin

    I think also:

    Tom R. 53 115 6095
    Shaye 103 53 5495
    August 84 64 5376

    Congrats go to Sean for today’s max volume! I’m super impressed by everyone.

    If, like me, you’re interested in understanding the weird relationship between the weight you used in this workout, the time frame of the workout, and the volume you achieved, see Greg Glassman, “Fooling Around With Fran,” CrossFit Journal, March 2005. http://journal.crossfit.com/2005/03/fooling-around-with-fran-by-gr.tpl

  5. Matt Baldwin

    By the way, what I’m talking about is this:

    It’s clear that using more weight on the bar is “harder,” and “takes more strength.”

    In fact it takes twice as much force to move 135 lbs 6 feet than it takes to move 67.5 lbs the same distance.

    But “power” (or “intensity”) is measured in poundage moved / time. So because time is a constant in this WOD, your “volume,” or weight x reps, is a measure of your “intensity.” If you moved 6000 pounds, that’s 600 pounds / minute. If you moved only 2500, that’s only 250 pounds / minute.

    What’s weird, to me, is the way that total power drops for a particular athlete as the load on the bar increases. If you plot bar load (weight used) against power output, you get a kind of bell curve. Your greatest potential for power output is achieved somewhere between no weight on the bar (where your power output is limited by how fast you can perform the basic motion) and the maximum amount of weight you can move over one rep (where you need so much time to recover that you end up moving very little weight).

    Anyway, sorry to geek out on everybody. Bottom line is: the Carolina Fitness Challenge doesn’t compute volume as a way of scoring this WOD.

    What do you think? Should they?

    (By the way, a formal, mathematical calculation of volume would include actual distance moved per rep, which varies based on the dimensions of the athlete’s body).

  6. Tom

    Was just thinking today about how much of a dork you are Matthew. I also thought about the distance you cover from ground to overhead compared to me. Is it relative? Would you factor that, or is it a wash when you consider a larger frame should handle the larger load? I really think you have too much free time to think about this. Lov ya man


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