091212 Saturday “Cloudy Days”


*****Reminder that CFA will be closed today due to coaches and athletes participation in the Carolina Fitness Challenge at CrossFit Durham. Stay tuned for updates via FaceBook/Twitter or the right hand column of this page.*****

DIY Outdoor WOD:

4 Rounds of:

400m run

50 squats

For time.

DIY Indoor WOD:

5Rounds of:

20 burpees

25 squats

For time.

6 thoughts on “091212 Saturday “Cloudy Days”

  1. elizabeth Hake

    GOOD LUCK to CFA participants today! just wish i was there and could lose my voice screaming for all you fabulous people – We are already proud of ALL of you – NOW do your best and JUST BE AWESOME!

  2. Matt Baldwin

    Dittos to Elizabeth’s comment!

    For any willing or interested parties — assuming an absence of any nasty wet precipitation — some CFA members will meet today at UNCA track, by about 10:00 am, to do these WODs. Yes it’s cold outside but working out in the cold is good for the mind body and soul. Ask your friendly neighborhood Viking.

    Those of us who meet are each going to do one or the other of these WODs outdoors (I’m doing the indoor one outdoors).

    But before we do the WODs (and maybe after too) we’re going to do some outdoor Parkour practice. Specifically, we’re going to work on rolls, and maybe “la planche” (muscle-ups on a wall, fence or bar). Also, I think some handstands are in order. Whatever people feel like doing or not. There are some good obstacles round there. See my facebook profile page for some links to parkour vids on rolls and la planche.

    (Hey, all you lawyers out there: this is not an official CFA practice, it’s just some friends having fun. CFA assumes no liability for our craziness.)

  3. Matt Baldwin

    Today at UNCA track:

    “Outdoor WOD”
    Rustan Adcock, 12:55
    Mike Peterson, 16:05

    “Indoor WOD”
    Matt Baldwin, 16:15

    And we did a little bit of “don’t try this at home” rolling, etc. No handstands though. Everybody was in a hurry and it was kinda cold.

  4. kate

    I did the indoor WOD, except for it was outside. I did 4 + rounds in 15:51. The 15 minutes include 2 coat zippings, 1 shoe tying and 2 hat applications of the kids. I had to quit at 15:51 due to Dallas falling off the playset inducing a bloody nose. But, I broke a sweat.

  5. M3

    Sunday (was supposed to be grappling at 1pm today but no one else showed up)

    beauty day, eh? upper 40’s i think 😉

    warmed up with a light jog for a lap, then walked a lap, then ran a 1:36 lap prior to:

    10 x 100m starting every sprint on the 2min mark

    hams started pulling a little on the 8th, 9th and 10 intentionally slower to hopefully prevent a full on pulled hamstring.

    walked 2 laps for cooldown, stretched.


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