091213 Your Resolution; Our Resolution

Salmon scramble, almond meal griddle cakes, mango, tomato

Salmon scramble, almond meal griddle cakes, mango, tomato

We are dedicated to the success of our clients. As such, we will not be listening to the resolutions of outsiders and instead turn our attention to y’all.

There are NO On-Ramps during the month of January. We do not want to deal with the false resolutions of those who waited to join. If they are serious, they can wait until February.

What we DO want is to help you make a shift. Our support system is community-wide. Only if we support each other will we succeed in the end. As such, we suggest a 90-Days Clean Resolution at CFA. That is 90-Days of Meat and Veggies, Nuts and Seeds, Some Fruit, Little Starch, and No Sugar. That is 90-Days of enough calories to support intense activity and not excess body fat.

Mind you, we are not advocating obsession and narcissism. We still believe in moderation but moderation keeps you where you are. What we are advocating is a period of time where you maximize your good choices to make a shift. By going clean for 90-Days you allow your body time to really shift gears, to get used to feeling good and thriving. We’ve had a lot of success stories thus far and wish to continue them.

There can be a bit of a transitional “sickness” when converting away from a diet with excessive processing of food. We recommend a gradual shift so that January 1st we begin 90-Days. For this next week, change your breakfast (first meal after waking up, eaten within 1 hour of rising) to Meats, Nuts and Seeds (read fats that include oils, avocado”, etc.). Post what you eat. Post how good you feel having a delicious breakfast.

The week of December 21st add veggies to your lunch. Green leafy vegetables are best. Now you’re having Meat, Veggies, Nuts and Seeds (read oils as well) for lunch, Meat, Nuts and Seeds for breakfast. Notice that this allows for a delicious, “American” Christmas-style feast for dinner void of any restriction. You don’t have to “make excuses” for family that you “can’t eat that.”

The week of December 28th have Meat, Veggies, Nuts and Seeds for Dinner too. Notice this allows for small snacking windows that will help you clear up any Holiday Left-Overs. Don’t try to poison yourself with this food, but feel free to enjoy it.

This will take us to January 1st. On that day add Mid-meal snacks as fruit and nuts, or dessert as fruit. We now begin 90-Days Clean. Eat Meat and Veggies, Nuts and Seeds, Some Fruit, Little Starch, and No Sugar.

Monitor your workouts and improvements. Take Pre-pictures if you’d like. You’ll all make a large shift on your health spectrum during this time. Everyone will see large performance gains (just in time for Sectionals). Let” embrace the improvements.

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  1. rebecca sandoval

    Kale crisps…so good! Toss kale leaves(take off big stems) with olive oil and a little salt and spread nicely on cookie sheet. cook 15 min at 375, toss halfway thru. Can add lemon zest or garlic. SOOOOO much better than potato chips!!! Also Greenlife has them coated(lightly) in some kind of cashew batter and dehydrated. really yummy!


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