091221 Monday “Flurries”

Strength/Skill Work: Overhead squat


5 Rounds of:

7 Power snatch (70% of max pwr snatch or OHS 5RM not to exceed 115/75lbs)

12 Box jumps (24″/20″)

For time.

Holiday Hours:

We will be open on 12/24 until 1:00pm. (Noon class that day!) Closed 12/25. Open 12/26 and resume normal schedule.

New Years’ Eve will be similar as far as open until 1:00pm. New Year’s Day we will open for a WOD with a Paleo Potluck Brunch Kick-off to follow. Details to come.

5 thoughts on “091221 Monday “Flurries”

  1. Shanna

    Name Time Weight Box OHS
    Shawn 6:20 55lbs 20″ 45lbs
    Wendy 5:55 38lbs 13.5″ 3x53lbs
    Shannon 5:47 55lbs 24″ 3x75lbs
    Kim 6:33 18lbs 15″ 18lbs
    Robert 5:26 50lbs 24″ 50lbs
    Lauren 4:54 38lbs 20″ step-ups work sets
    Eva 6:27 44lbs 20″ 5x74lbs
    Jess 6:47 23lbs 20″ 5x38lbs
    Loren 5:22 55lbs 20″ 5x65lbs
    Eliz Hake 8:10 55lbs 20″ 5x5x70lbs
    Tara 9:20 28lbs 14″ 18lbs
    Owen 7:12 55lbs 20″ 5x46lbs
    Dawn 6:38 38lbs 18″ 3x60lbs
    Tony 8:18 32lbs 22″ 5x38lbs
    Terumi 6:43 42lbs 14″ 3x62lbs
    Red 7:26 42lbs 24″ 5x57lbs stopped early
    Dale 5:55 75lbs 24″ 5x5x85lbs
    Annie 6:36 38lbs 20″ 5x5x43lbs
    MCK 6:44 38lbs 14″ 5x53lbs
    Tamara 6:52 42lbs 20″ 1x85lbs heck yeah!
    KK 4:13 55lbs 20″ step-ups 5x80lbs
    Mike 7:36 111lbs 23″ 5x153lbs
    Daniel Smith 7;11 95lbs 24″ 5x165lbs
    M3 8:13 115lbs 20″ 5x5x105lbs

  2. miriam

    Thank you for being open almost all week long!! Not only is going to CF a great stress relief for me right now, but it keeps us Jews off the street and out of trouble during Christmas time.

  3. miriam

    I don’t have hard data to back me up, but I would hypothesize that Jews who CF are less resentful about being wished a Merry Christmas everywhere we go and are more accepting of well meaning people who, upon finding out we ARE Jewish, either a) call Hannukah “the Jewish Christmas,” or b) invite us to their church so we won’t burn in hell. Whoa, I just felt my blood pressure rise. Better go to CF now.

  4. M3

    …wouldn’t ‘christmas’ be the christian ‘hannukah’??? but, it more closely coincides with Saturnalia, doesn’t it???


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