091222 Tuesday “Franzilla”

CFA will run another obstacle course before the end of the year!

Strength/Skill Work: Push-press


21 front squats

21 pull-ups

15 push-press

15 pull-ups

9 thrusters

9 pull-ups

For time.

Use the same bar for the entire work-out. Use 75% of your max push-press or thruster weight not to exceed 135/95lbs. This work-out should completed witha load 20-30% heavier than at which you would perform the benchmark WOD Fran.

Holiday Hours:

We will be open on 12/24 until 1:00pm. (Noon class that day!) Closed 12/25. Open 12/26 and resume normal schedule.

New Years’ Eve will be similar as far as open until 1:00pm. New Year” Day we will open for a WOD with a Paleo Potluck Brunch Kick-off to follow. Details to come.

17 thoughts on “091222 Tuesday “Franzilla”

  1. kate duinkerken

    Hey Everyone. This is a shot in the dark, but I need water!!! If anyone could PLEASE give Tamara a jug of water for me at the 8:40 class, i would REALLY appreciate it. We have none and have run out of our jugs. I will be shopping today, but I assume that the water is all taken. I can’t even flush, so seriously, ANY water will be helpful. I’m going to shower at Tamara’s and she’s going to watch my kids so that I can get some santa gifts. Weaverville is killin me with this no power, no water thing. Thank you Crossfit friends!!

  2. kate

    no, but my front yard is. apparently the main line has busted and there is a river running down our already impassable driveway/road. i’m taking the kids to TC’s. i think i should suprise her with all my dogs as well!!! she would LUV that. your turkey will be there today. no cooler though – it is frozed in the shed. i’ll call you later to see if you are home while i’m driving in.

  3. miriam

    Here’s to today’s 7 a.m. victims…I mean, class….who put up with my rant about Paleo being anti-semitic, Henny Youngman references (“Take my weights, please”), and other ridiculous banter. And I am sorry I stuck out my tongue at Shanna when she told me during push presses to “pull my belly in.” I don’t know what got into me. Must be the holiday cheer I am feeling as Christmas approaches.

    I asked Shanna if I should sign up for the Master’s Division of the upcoming sectionals so that I could kick some 80 year old’s butt. Her response was, “That’s a great idea. You never know, no one may sign up and you could win by default.” If that isn’t a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what is. I love my CF coaches, I really do.

  4. T-Bone

    Miriam, you have to stop making me laugh so hard. My abs are sore.

    And, thanks to everyone who cheered me on during the 19:32 that it took me to finish the WOD with unassisted pullups, haha. I’m really glad I did that, though.

  5. Shanna

    Name Time Wght Bands Push-press
    Shawn 8:25 80lbs green 3x125lbs
    Ed 7:40 70lbs green 5x110lbs
    Terumi 8:12 43lbs blue+purple 5x68lbs
    Seth 6:35 55lbs green+purple 5x85lbs
    Jana 8:27 38lbs grey 5x53lbs
    Miriam 8:09 38lbs gray 5x58lbs
    Lauren 9:35 70lbs 2 purple work sets
    Dale 5:35 85lbs n/a 1x145lbs
    Rustan 6:19 95lbs n/a 2x155lbs
    Red 7:58 80lbs green 5x115lbs
    Tamara 19:32 70lbs n/a 2x95lbs
    Shalene 7:05 38lbs blue 3x68lbs Hng pwr snatch for thruster
    Annie 9:02 38lbs green/purple 2x72lbs
    Lizie 9:16 38lbs red 5x38lbs
    Phoebe 8:39 65lbs n/a 5x5x55lbs
    Kate 5:50 55bs rings 3x100lbs 🙂
    Tenn Brad 6:25 115lbs n/a 1x185lbs
    M3 9:34 125lbs green 3x182lbs
    Brian 8:09 75lbs blue/purple 5×5@70%/80lbs
    J$ 9:04 70lbs blue/red 3x109lbs
    Eliz H. 12:28 70lbs n/a 5x99lbs
    Daniel Smith 6:16 115lbs n/a 5x145lbs

    Great work to all especially those venturing through without bands for the first time! I’m like a proud mama on days like these. Even if I sound discouraging to Miriam. haha I didn’t mean it the way it ended up sounding!!

  6. Shonnie

    I did 3 scuba dives as a substitute for the workout…plis everytime I leave our inn I get to climb 149 stairs back to our cottage. I could get used to this. 😉

  7. miriam

    45 unassisted pull ups? Well, I’ll be damned. I’ve been given a false bill of goods. Corey and Shanna told me that Paleo man climbed trees using a giant human sized gray rubber band. I want a refund.


  8. tara

    Thank you coaches for never letting me quit. Even when I’m calling the bar things I would be ashamed for my mother to hear.

    Miriam, you are killing me. Thanks for the laughs.

  9. T-Bone

    I am almost embarassed to say that, despite taking 19:32 to finish the WOD, I did not call the barbell or the pullup bar any bad names. Yes, it’s true…I think I got through a WOD without any profanity. That may be a first…


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