091226 Saturday “Melting Pot”

Team WOD

Form teams of 4 and then split into pairs. Let’s refer to them as Pair A/Pair B all who form Team 1.

Pair A will run 800m together while the otherPair Balternates resting and repping one of the following exercises:

Deadlift (50% of your max lift not to exceed 185/135lbs)

Kettlebell swings (1.5/1 pood)


When Pair A comes in from the run they then take over on the deadlift (assuming that is the stait Team 1 began) while Pair B goes for their 800m run. When Pair B returns from their run, Pair A heads back out for another 800m run and Pair B begins resting and repping on the wall ball station until Pair A returns and takes over on the kettlebell swings.

Essentially every person will run 800m 3 times (along side your partner) andspend time at each of the three stations with only one partner working at a time while at the stations.

Every completed rep counts towards one second off the overall time.

Don’t forget to sign up for the New Year’s Day WOD/Lecture/Potluck Brunch.

5 thoughts on “091226 Saturday “Melting Pot”

  1. Shanna Post author

    Team 1 Dawn, Tony, Lupe, Shanna Overall Time: 20:35 Total reps: 503 End time: 11:42
    Team 2 Ed, Evan, Sean, Redfoot Overall Time: 21;36 Total reps: 558 End time: 12:18
    Team 3 Tara, Mie, Andrew, Randy Overall Time: 26:19 Total reps: 591 End time: 16:25

  2. Red Foot

    That WOD rocked! Yay for Crossfit. Hey Shanna, so do you sign up just by writing it here? Am I now signed up for the 9:20?

  3. miriam

    I applaud all of you who did the Thursday WOD and came back for more today. I am very impressed with your fortitude, stamina, and slight insanity. I was sorely tempted to go to CF but was grimacing enough at the pain in my arms this morning while putting TED socks on my husband’s legs –very very tight knee socks used to prevent embolisms post surgery– to think twice and decide I was still too sore. I probably should not have thought twice; that is a psychological flaw I am working on that gets in the way of my journey to fitness.

    See you soon.


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