091228 Monday “Gone in 60 Seconds”

Strength/Skill Work: Back Squat


3 Rounds of:

40 seconds max rep pull-ups

20 seconds rest

40 seconds max rep ball slams

20 seconds rest

40 seconds max rep kettlebell thrusters (45/35lbs)

20 seconds rest

40 seconds max rep ball slams (14/10lbs)

20 seconds rest

1 minute rest

Post total reps and modifications to comments.

Holiday Hours/Events
We will be closed for evening classes on December 31st. (Noon class that day is still on.) One work-out on Friday (see link below). Saturday 9am class.
***Don’t forget to sign up for the New Year” Day WOD/Lecture/Potluck Brunch.

6 thoughts on “091228 Monday “Gone in 60 Seconds”

  1. Miriam

    That was a great workout. Plus I was able to walk away from that WOD with dignity (vs. crawling out the nearest door on all fours like a deranged animal like I did last Thurs).

  2. T-Bone

    I remembered this totally killing my shoulders in November. Yeah. Ow. After the last three days, I feel like I was run over by a truck.

  3. Shanna Post author

    Name Reps KB Wght Bands Ball Slam Back squat
    Frank 166 18lbs blue 10lbs 153lbs
    Dawn 230 18lbs green 8lbs 1x110lbs
    Wendy 225 18lbs green 8lbs 5x105lbs
    Miriam 208 10lbs gray 8lbs 5x53lbs
    Kim S. 226 18lbs green 8lbs 5x68lbs
    Betsy F 193 10lbs green 6lbs 5x48lbs
    Rustan 276 35lbs n/a 12/10 5x177lbs
    Dan 269 26lbs n/a 8lbs 3x135lbs
    Robert 257 26lbs n/a 10lbs 5x182lbs
    Tamara 213 18lbs n/a 10lbs workset
    Tom 292 35lbs n/a 12lbs 5x182lbs
    Charley 267 18lbs n/a 10lbs
    Britt 252 18lbs blue 10lbs 5x62lbs
    Loren 215 26lbs n/a 10lbs 5x135lbs
    Randy 302 35lbs n/a 12lbs 3x5x155lbs
    Jessica 216 10lbs blue/purple 8lbs 5x75lbs
    Kate VW 227 18lbs grey 8lbs 5x95lbs
    David H. 220 35lbs n/a 10lbs 5x225lbs
    Terumi 246 18lbs blue 8lbs 3x85lbs
    Carly 222 18lbs blue 8lbs
    Dale 243 26lbs n/a 12lbs 5x5x145lbs
    Shalene 265 18lbs KB Push Press blue 10lbs 5x38lbs
    Red 223 26lbs green 10lbs 5x172lbs
    Matt 227 35lbs n/a 12lbs 5x5x145lbs
    Katie 258 26lbs n/a 10lbs 5x5x115lbs
    Kimberly 236 18lbs purple+red 10lbs 5x99lbs
    Phoebe 221 18lbs n/a 10lbs 1x120lbs
    Ali 209 10lbs green+purple 8lbs 5x68lbs
    Luke 285 26lbs n/a 12lbs 5x178lbs
    Mike 263 35lbs n/a 12lbs 5x222lbs
    KK 286 26lbs n/a 12lbs 5x178lbs
    Julie C. 197 10lbs green 8lbs 5x68lbs
    Becca 239 18lbs n/a 6lbs 5x70lbs
    Daniel Sm 296 26lbs n/a 12lbs 1x225lbs
    Jennifer M. 178 10lbs green+purple 6lbs 5x38lbs
    Lizie 221 18/25×1 red 8lbs 5x65lbs
    J$ 213 26lbs blue+purple 10lbs 5x147lbs PR!
    Aileen 172 18lbs green 10lbs 5x99lbs
    Jen L. 226 18lbs green 10lbs 5x105lbs

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