091229 Tuesday “Jeremy”

Strength/Skill Work Power Clean: Work up to a heavy single



Overhead squats


Fot time.

For overhead squats use ~70% of OHS 5RM not to exceed 95/65lbs.

4 thoughts on “091229 Tuesday “Jeremy”

  1. Corey

    Name Time OHS Wght Pwr Cln
    Shonnie 9:54 18lbs 5x53lbs
    Shawn 7:12 22lbs 5x109lbs
    Seth 6:35 15/12/9 18lbs 5x103lbs
    Terumi 8:43 38lbs 80lbs
    Daniel Smith 5:39 95lbs
    KK 5:46 55lbs 1x165lbs PR!
    Red 7:10 35lbs 1x115lbs
    MCK 8:39 35lbs 1x95lbs PR!
    Katie 8:26 55lbs 1x95lbs
    Dara 8:26 row300/200/100m for burpees 55lbsOHS 119lbs PR!
    Lizie 9:21 28lbs 3x68lbs
    Ali 9:54 18lbs 3x63lbs
    Anna 6:05 35lbs 5x85lbs/1x94lbs
    Brian 8:18 48lbs 1x150lbs PR!
    Shanna 6:57 65lbs 1x115lbs

  2. Katie

    Dara, That was an amazing power clean today!
    Shanna, I look at your times and weights and see it in my sights. This is the year. This old lady is going to catch up.


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