091230 Wednesday “Beginnings”

Strength/Skill Work Chest-to-Bar Weighted Pull-ups 5-5-5-5-5

OR Kipping Pull-up Practice


3 Rounds of:

10 Deadlifts (50% of max not to exceed 185/115lbs)

15 Push-ups

25 Box jumps (20″)

For time.

Holiday Hours/Events
We will be closed for evening classes tomorrow December 31st. (Noon class that day is still on.) One work-out on Friday (see link below). Saturday 9am class.
****It is not too lateto sign up for the New Year” Day WOD/Lecture/Potluck Brunch.There is a great group gathering so far. Don’t miss out!!****
Thanks to Matt Baldwin for his great work on our new Nutriton Page. Check out the information there and check back for updates.
NEW HOURS: Please check back later today for the new hours and information on signing up for classes beginning Monday January, 4th.
CONTACT NUMBER: Lastly, please note that the phone number under contacts has at least temporarily changed. If you have called the old number since Saturday and not received a returned call it is b/c my cell phone was stolen. Thanks for your understanding, Shanna

4 thoughts on “091230 Wednesday “Beginnings”

  1. Red Foot

    Hey All! I gotta take a rest day today cause my body’s all sore and Kerri and I are wanting to spend the day climbing! See you all tomorrow for the obstacle course!!!

  2. Shanna

    Name Time DL Wght Toes/Knees PU Box Height
    Rachel 5:42 74lbs knees (10toes)
    Shawn 6:32 95lbs toes
    Miriam 7:26 38lbs both
    Carly 7:52 79lbs toes
    Frank 7:30 110lbs toes
    J$ 7:34 101lbs toes 16″
    Kim S. 6:32 75lbs knees 15″
    KK 4:56 155lbs toes 20″ step-ups
    Patricia 6:32 76lbs toes
    Katie 5:52 115lbs toes
    Betsy F. 6:58 68lbs knees 16″
    Phoebe 5:05 80lbs toes
    Robert 5:58 152lbs toes
    Tamara 9:35 90lbs toes
    Phil 6:16 74lbs toes
    Charley 6:55 111lbs toes
    Tom 6:10 185lbs toes
    MCK 7:19 101lbs toes
    Rustan 4:05 165lbs toes
    Loren 6:19 135lbs toes
    Tony 8:56 95lbs toes
    Dawn 6:35 75lbs sit-ups
    Becca 6:40 58lbs toes
    Matt B. 4:59 155lbs toes
    Amanda 8:45 65lbs knees
    Mike N. 4:40 184lbs toes
    Eva 8:30 85lbs toes
    Sean 4:25 185lbs toes
    Dan F. 4:47 99lbs toes
    Jessica 6:57 58lbs
    Shanna 5:06 115lbs toes

  3. Shanna

    Best quote of the day from Matt B. following the conclusion of the 9:20 class, “Why was that SO MUCH FUN?”
    Thanks to all of you for making this such an enjoyable community!
    I look forward to tomorrow’s obstacle course and Friday’s Potluck/Lecture Event!
    Can’t wait for 2010!

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