New Year’s Day Paleo Potluck Brunch/WOD/Lectures

New Year” Day WOD & Paleo Potluck Brunch

To kick off our 90 Day Paleo Challenge we will be hosting a work-out followed by a potluck brunch on New Year” Day. This will be a time to bring your friends and families to observe some CrossFitters in action and hear some lectures on the benefits of choosing foods that were around during the Paleolithic era and have any questions/concerned answered.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Food Choices and Stress Response by Coach Corey Duvall
  • Real World Application by Ethan Fesperman
  • The Reasons We Eat by Matt Baldwin
  • Volunteer Real-life experiences with Paleo

Despite perhaps being a bit tired and sluggish from New Year” Eve festivities we want to get those wanting to work-out started around 9am to have the first work-out start at 9:20. Depending on the number of those participating we will plan to have the next waves go at 9:45 and then 10:10 if needed.

Lectures and eating will begin at 10:30. We hope to have everything wrapped up by noon.

The success of this event (especially the food) is dependent on each of YOU! The point of the potluck is to share and experiment with various paleo recipes. We will provide recipes for all the dishes provided. This way if you taste something you enjoy you can take the recipe home with you.

Some resources for recipe ideas:

  2. (Right hand column says “Eat Primal” with many recipes)

Please email Shanna ( to RSVP for this event. In the RSVP please include the following information:

  1. Dish you will be bringing with recipe
  2. Number of guests
  3. If you will be participating in the WOD and if you have a preference for which time slot you would like to do.
  4. If you would like to give a testimony on your experiences.

Please note the following:

  • The WOD will be limited to present members.
  • Members coming to eat/listen to lecture are NOT required to work-out only encouraged. Keep in mind that if you feel in less than optimal condition on New Year” morning, you probably are not alone. Haha

To reduce anticipation the New Year” Day WOD will be the final work-out from the Carolina Fitness Challenge recently competed at CF Durham.

125 Double-unders or 375 singles

100 squats (body weight only)

75 kettlebell swings

50 burpees

25 thrusters (115/75lbs or 70% of thruster 5RM or 60% of thruster 1RM)

For time.

This is what I would consider a survival WOD. Meaning you do what you can to just get through it in the 20 minute time limit.

Looking forward to it! -Shanna

16 thoughts on “New Year’s Day Paleo Potluck Brunch/WOD/Lectures

  1. Katie

    This is funny, Shanna. I have been meaning to ask you to do this exact work out with me, but about a month from now – i.e. after I have at least a few weeks of paleo under my belt. Perhaps I’ll try it on Jan. 1 although I’ll be seriously impaired that day, and will compare it to my results 3 weeks later. Anybody want to join me on that?
    2nd: I just registered for sectionals. It took forever as the website kept crashing but I am all signed up and fired up about having a serious goal.

  2. tara

    When considering recipes, how much should we plan to make? Just a regular serving so everyone can sample or enough to actually feed a starving mob?

  3. T-Bone

    Yes! Haha, Katie. I have been wanting to do this WOD also. I’m not planning to be seriously impaired on New Year’s Day, but I’m up for a repeat 3 weeks later. Why not suffer more? I also registered for Sectionals. I waited for a few hours to let the server calm down, heh.

  4. Shanna Post author

    Yikes, I need to register!
    Tara, I’d make either a regular serving or double it. Yes, sample sizes are appropriate for the group. Not a starving mob. haha

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  6. Corey

    @ Tara: Because my wife and I are forever Yin and Yang (just depends on the day who gets Yin’d and who gets Yang’d) I was going to suggest feeding a starving mob. I consider myself that starving mob.

    BUT, when it comes to ANYthing other than anatomy she wins. One or two servings.

  7. Shanna


    I didn’t want people to feel pressured to make some huge portion of food. However, I’m sure with a room full of CrossFitters on the day after perhaps a bit of celebration that it is doubtful any food will go to waste. So perhaps the saying will apply, “the more the merrier”

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  12. Aidan

    Thanks so much to everyone for bringing such wonderful food — and to Randee, Shonna and Corye for making this Paleo Potluck/Lecture and WOD possible. I’m very excited to begin this 90=day paleo challenge. I know it won’t be easy, but I’ll take it one day at a time. I already started by kicking dairy last month, so at least it won’t be totally new. Anyhow, I found a really interesting article from the Wall Street Journal in which Jeffrey Trachtenberg interviews David Kessler, the former head of the Food and Drug Administration, and author of “The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite” — I haven’t read the actual book, but in the interview Kessler echos some of what Corye explained about the sympathetic nervous system (if I understood correctly!) being hyper stimulated by certain foods and how it (along with marketing) affects our psychology and relationship to food. Anyhow, here’s the article: The Science and Psychology Behind Overeating.


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