100101 Friday “Carolina Challenge Final”

Happy New Year!

Today is the New Year’s Day Paleo Potluck/Lecture and WOD! Lectures will get started between 10:30 and 10:40. The first wave is about to start the work-out and we hope to start the last wave around 10:00. Feel free to come join us! It doesn’t matter if you were unable to RSVP!


125 Double unders or 375 singles

100 squats

75 kettlebell swings (53/35lbs)

50 burpees

25 thrusters (115/75lbs)

For time.

There will be a 20 minutes cap on this work-out today. We advise allowing 4 minutes at each station and then moving on if you are trying to finish within the 20 minutes.

13 thoughts on “100101 Friday “Carolina Challenge Final”

  1. Kim S

    What a way to ring in the New Year. I thought my head was going to pop off by the time I got to the burpees. I squeaked under the 20 minute limit with a 19:52. It wasn’t pretty but I finished. I’m grateful for all the support and words of encouragment I got today, and always get at Crossfit. Thanks Shanna, Corey and Randy!

  2. miriam

    I was “allowed” by the sadistic task master to drop the jumprope at the 4 minute cutoff point and move on to the squats. That’s the only reason I finished. If Corey hadn’t let me off the hook I might still be jumping rope right now (or puking). The jumprope and I need to become *much* better friends. I watched some of you do doubleunders and was totally impressed. Great job.

    Thank you for the potluck and lectures today regarding the food we eat.

    Shanna, Corey and Randy, you guys have created quite a nice community at CFA. Not your typical gym!! Love it.

  3. Tom

    Today was awesome. What a great community we have. Looking forward to embracing what I am lacking most from my crossfit experience. Can’t imagine I’ll ever like coconut though.

  4. Tom

    And just a thought. I think we should all remember and post what we did today in the WOD and do it again in about 90 days.

  5. T-Bone

    Wow, guys. Some amazing performances today! Like Miriam and Tom said, what a great community we have! Happy New Year, everyone.

  6. Shanna Post author

    I’m on for repeating the WOD Tom. Krispy Kreme was my 2009 finale dinner of choice after a late lunch at Papas and Beer.
    Today 17:53 DUs/35lbsKB/76lbs thrusters
    My time at the Challenge was 19:48, but I can’t exactly consider this an improvement being that this was the first work-out of the day (and only!) rather than the third.

    It was great to work-out with y’all and the crowd was great as well.

    Thank you to everyone of you for making my first year in Asheville an incredible experience. I’m excited for what the next year will bring!

  7. Amanda Savage

    Today was fantastic! I can definitely improve this WOD.
    In the 20:00 I completed: 375 singles/80 squats/18lbKB/50 burpees/14x18lb thrusters

    What a way to start off the new year. Twentyten is going to be great.

    I forgot to bring a recipe card, but for those that were asking:
    Bacon wrapped dates:
    1. organic medjool dates pitted and stuffed with almond butter
    2. wrap in nitrate/nitrite free organic bacon
    3. broil until bacon is done ~10-13 minutes

    *Just a side note, for non-paleos this is fantastic with goat cheese and prosciutto as well. But we won’t worry about that for 90 days.

  8. Carly Albee

    Yes…let’s repeat this one. I’m mad at the WOD right now. Would love to try it later. I’m going to add “conquer double unders” to my list of new years resolutions.

    Thanks for hosting CFA. It was a great day. Thanks to Matt and Corey for riveting lectures!

  9. Matt Baldwin

    Thanks to all the athletes who put on an inspiring WOD today (I’m embarrassed now that I didn’t do it… but I’m working on about 20 hours of sleep… in the last two weeks) and for everybody who comes together to make the community such an exciting thing to be a part of. Here’s to eating clean in 2010!

  10. Red Foot

    Wow. I’m sore in places I didn’t know I could be sore! Great WOD! Mental Note: next time we do this WOD, when we finish the Thrusters, do not, repeat, do not drop barbell on your head. Ouch. Ha ha. I’m down for doing this one again in 90 days. Or at least will probably feel down about it in about 90 days or so! My score: (Finished like 350 single unders, all squats, all kettlebell swings (26 Lbs.) only like 30 burpees and 25 thrusters at 65 Lbs.) Happy 2010!

  11. T-Bone

    Here’s some perspective on how much everyone kicked butt yesterday. The women’s results at the Carolina CrossFit Challenge were:
    Dunsmore, Sarah 1108
    Maurice, Tracey 1413
    Hutchison, Dawn 1637
    Attmore, Caroline 1640
    Denahan, Christine 1744
    Duvall, Shanna 1948
    Denton, Ashley 2028
    McCullough, Bethany 2029
    Ross, Taylor 2102
    Sorg, Maria 2119

    So, four of those women took longer than 20:00 to finish this Rx’d. Yes, this was their third WOD of the day at the competition, but we’re not talking small potatoes here. Sarah, Dawn and Caroline competed at the CrossFit Games last year…they were the 13th, 31st and 57th fittest women in the world n 2009. Sarah’s 11:08 performance was not human, haha…I wouldn’t believe it, but I was there to see it. So, awesome job everyone!

  12. miriam

    Not only did I suck at the jump rope, Corey now tells me that the squats were meant to be a “rest period” between jumprope and kettlebell swings. That totally depressed me because I struggled thru the squats along with everything else–NOTHING felt like a rest period to me (and yes, Corey, I know you advised us not to berate ourselves for the past but to focus on the present, but if you are gonna say stuff like to mere mortals like me you will have to suffer the consequences).

    I noticed that everyone except me seemed to do the workout with their max weights (and if not max, certainly way more weights than I used) and that many did not finish the workout. I know this was a “survival” WOD vs. a regular one, but in general in an AMRAP WOD is it better to keep pushing up the weights and therefore take longer to finish it (and possibly not finish it/miss out on part of the WOD), or is it better to try to do the whole WOD even if it means going lighter on the weights?

    Thanks for advice.


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