100102 Saturday “Graceful Cindy”

Strength/Skill Work: Single support deadlift


10power clean and jerks (Use 70% of5RM Jerk not to exceed 135/95lbs)

5rounds of Cindy*

10power clean jerk

3rounds of Cindy

10power clean and jerk

1 round of Cindy

For time.

*Cindy is a CrossFit work-out where one round is equal to 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 squats.

***REMINDER that CFA’s class schedule has been significantly modified and will begin Monday, January 4th. If you have not emailed or discussed your preferred times with one of the coaches please email your preferences to Shanna (ShannaDuvall@gmail.com). Otherwise check your email this weekend for your days and times. If you have not heard from me by Sunday afternoon then please contact me! Thanks, Shanna (I can presently be reached at one of the following cell phone numbers as well 315-244-5571 or 828-707-2316.)