100104 Monday “Singled Out”

Strength/Skill Work: Shoulder Press


3 Rounds of:

25 Kettlebell swings (1.5/1 pood)

15 Right arm dumbbell push press (25/45lbs)

25 Kettlebell swings

15 Left arm dumbbell push press

For time.

***REMINDER thatCFA” class schedule has been significantly modified and will begin TODAY. If you have not emailed or discussed your preferred times with one of the coaches please email your preferences to Shanna (ShannaDuvall@gmail.com). Otherwise you should have already received a confirmation email this weekend for your days and times. If you have not heard from me by Sunday afternoon then please contact me! Thanks, Shanna (I can presently be reached at one of the following cell phone numbers as well 315-244-5571 or 828-707-2316.)


There were multiple requests to get a message board for new recipes and conversation regarding Paleo. Here it is:CFAFood.proboards.com Use this as you would like. If you want more categories, please let me know.

10 thoughts on “100104 Monday “Singled Out”

  1. Tom

    I woke up today, sore, tired from previous workouts. I really had trouble getting motivated to get my ass out of bed to get into crossfit for the 6am wod. Then I read online what we were going to do today, and I REALLY didn’t want to go.

    I got there, and it was cold. Everything made from steel was like grabbing an ice cube. I was not alone, though, several others were there for 6 am, and many were there before me at 5:20.

    The WOD was brutal, but aren’t they always. It wasn’t just brutal for me, it was brutal for everyone.

    I’m now at work, getting behind because I’m writing this, but wanted to share how I feel now. I feel great! I feel so proud that despite not wanting at all to come in today, I did.

    I knew others would be there, I knew my coaches would be there, and we were all there for the same reason.

    I believe that is the most important time to go in to crossfit, when you just don’t feel like it. Because you too will be glad you did. And you won’t be alone.

  2. Shanna Post author

    Name Time KB/DB Weight Shoulder Press
    Jessica R. 9:37 20/12 33lbs
    Angela 9:40 18/10 33lbs
    Dan 9:47 35/20 5x95lbs
    Shawn 10:37 35/20 5×105
    Dawn 9:22 18 20R/15L 5x53lbs
    Wendy 10:38 26/15 5x65lbs
    Miriam 10:44 18/10 3x48lbs
    Kim S. 11:48 25/12 4x43lbs
    Frank 10:38 26/15 2x95lbs
    Aidan 10:20 20/15&12 2x48lbs
    Britt 9:40 26/15 5x48lbs
    Betsy F. 12:31 25/15 3x47lbs
    Tom 12:30 45/35 5x115lbs
    J$ 12:10 18/15 5x5x55lbs
    T-Bone 15:21 26/20 3x70lbs
    Lauren 13:58 35/20 70 then 60@2×3
    Jana 9:41 18/8 5x43lbs
    Terumi 11:53 25/15 75×1
    Eva 11:07 26/15 2x55lbs
    Tony 11:50 26/20&12
    Shonnie 10:30 18/12
    Bruce 11:14 18/20
    Seth 11:14 26/20
    Loren 11;40 35/25
    Kimberly 9:22 26/12 5x57lbs
    MCK 9:55 26/15 1x60lbs
    KK 9:55 44/25 5x105lbs
    Julie S. 12:22 18/10 5x48lbs
    Anna Y. 11:42 20/12 5x38lbs
    Matt B. 10:44 35/25 5x105lbs
    Micah 10:46 18/15 5x58lbs
    Mark W. 14:07 53/45 5x5x111lbs
    Sean 14:10 53/45 5x5x111lbs
    Dale 12:45 45/30 3x100lbs
    Katie 11:47 35/25 5x3x65lbs
    Julie C. 13:02 20/10 5x5x38lbs
    Ali 10:37 18/12 2x5x43lbs
    Annie 9:19 18/15 3x55lbs
    Luke 11:09 45/35 5x5x89
    Mike 18:29 44/45 5x151lbs
    Leslie 8:15 15/10 1×40
    Mike P 8:40 35/25
    Chris T. 12:46 25/25
    Brooke 12;25 26/20 1x62lbs
    Shannon 8:50 35/20 5x80lbs
    Tara 13:20 18/12
    Brian 11:35 35/25 worksets @ 70lbs
    Randy 9:37 53/45 5x130lbs
    Amanda 15:25 25/15 5x43lbs
    Ed 9:39 35/25 5x90lbs

    What a great first Monday of the New Year! Thanks for your kind remarks Tom and T-Bone! Y’all rock!

  3. T-Bone

    Tom, I’m with you. I was dreading reading what the WOD was because I was so sore. Not a good sign when you are hobbling during the warm-up! The WOD actually made me smile because I thought my legs could handle it…and then I stopped smiling at the end of round 1, haha. It was terrible but also great for all the reasons Tom mentioned. Afterall, if I had stayed in bed, my legs would still be just as sore. Sometimes, you have to push through that pain…because, as my very wise coaches have said more than once, when the tiger is chasing you, he won’t slow down just because you are sore.

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  5. tara

    We should have a Tiger mascot. It can chase us around during warm ups, threaten to maim us should we slow down mid-wod, then cuddle with us for a job well done. I’m pretty sure we can get one on e-bay. Haha.

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