100105 Tuesday “Isabel”

Strength/Skill Work: Deadlift


30 reps


For time.

Use 60-70% your max snatch not to exceed 95/135lbs.

Please note a full squat snatch is NOT required. Just get the bar from the ground to overhead 30 times.

***REMINDER NOON CLASS ONLY TODAY. The noon class on Tuesdays is full. You can see the new schedule here:CFA” class schedule. If you have not emailed or discussed your preferred times with one of the coaches please email your preferences to Shanna (ShannaDuvall@gmail.com). Otherwise you should have already received a confirmation email this weekend for your days and times. If you have not heard from me then please contact me! Thanks, Shanna (I can presently be reached at one of the following cell phone numbers as well 315-244-5571 or 828-707-2316.)


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