100108 Friday “The Tempest”

Strength/Skill Work: Muscle-up progressions


As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

Ring dips 7 reps

One armkettlebell thrusters 10 reps (5 per arm 53/35lbs)

Ball slam 15 reps

This WOD was last completed on 091007.

7 thoughts on “100108 Friday “The Tempest”

  1. Kim S

    Decided it would be better to sleep this morning so I’m skipping CF. I’ll be off (weather permitting)this afternoon to run the Disney Marathon this Sunday. As you know, my goal is a sub-4 which will qual me for Boston. Shanna and Corey, now that the distance training is behind me maybe I’ll improve my range and therefore form and strength. See you next Wednesday!

  2. T-Bone

    “Relax the face,” HAHAHA! Now, where have I heard that before? Good luck, Kim. Remember, I’m tracking your race like Big Brother! Sub 4:00, woman!

  3. Shanna

    Name Rounds+Reps KB/Bands/Med ball
    A 6+25 20/blue/10
    Dawn 6+10 18/red/8
    Jana 7+16 9/ring supports/6
    Eva 7+27 18/red/10
    Shonnie 6+27 10/blue/6
    Greg 5+17
    Bruce 6 20/red/12
    Dan 8 26/nonex4/purplex4/12
    Mark 9+13 20/red/12
    Amy H. 7+3 9/blue/8
    Micah 10+10 18/blue/8&6
    MCK 9+10 18/red/10
    Bev 11+17 15/red/10&12
    KK 9+9 25/red/12
    Jen L 10 18/blue/10
    Kimberly 8+17 18/purplex3,redx6/8-12
    Katie 9+3 26/purple/12
    Phil 8+1 18/blue/10
    Mike 6+22 45/none/12
    Eliz Hake 7rnds+3 20/purple/8
    Brooke 9+27 15/blue/10
    Julie 6.5 9/blue+purple/6
    Lizie 10 18/red/6
    Phil 9+24 26/red/10
    Jules 7+7 10/blue/8
    Ali 7+28 10/blue/6
    Britt 10 20(2rnds)15/blue/10
    Matt 8+4 25/purple/10 (2 round improvement from October!)
    Shawn 8+5 25/blue/10
    Angela 8+4 10/red/6
    Miriam 7+1 9/blue-3&blue+purple-3/6
    Charley 8+5 25/purple-4,dble purple-4/10lbs
    Rustan 8+5 26/none then purple/12
    Robert 9+15 25/dbl purple/10
    Annie 8+14 18/blue/6
    Betsy 7+7 18/blue/10
    Aidan 6 2/3 15/blue+purple/10
    T-Bone 7 26/red/10
    Lauren 7 26/red/12


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