100109 Saturday “Rollercoaster”

Thanks to Greg from CrossFit Seattle for your visit and hard work! We hope to see you back in AVL again soon!

Strength/Skill Work: Overhead squat



Deadlifts(Use 70% of deadlift 5RM not to exceed 225/155lbs)


For time.

One thought on “100109 Saturday “Rollercoaster”

  1. Shanna

    Name Time DLwght OHS
    Lauren 5:44 105lbs 5x5x53lbs
    Shannon 5:23 99lbs 5x5x45lbs
    Julie S. 7:50 62lbs 3x48lbs
    Jessica 7:37 52lbs 3x48lbs
    Carly 6:28 99lbs 3x78lbs
    David H. 8:43 205lbs 1x175lbs PR!
    A 6:56 104lbs 3x63lbs
    Dawn 6:27 92lbs 1x62lbs
    Tony 7:25 114lbs 1x75lbs
    Mike P 7:59 175lbs 3x125lbs
    Red 5:54 105lbs 5x68lbs


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