100113 Wednesday “Chieftian”

Strength/Skill Work: Squat Snatch


AMRAP in 3 minutes of:

10 Ring Push-ups

8 Hang Power Cleans

6 Push-press

1 minutes rest b/w rounds

Complete 3 total rounds. Pick up where you left off at the end of each round. Post total rounds plus additional reps.

*****Also, please see Shanna or go to theHeartstrings website toget yourself registered for a team! *****

6 thoughts on “100113 Wednesday “Chieftian”

  1. Miriam

    I was glad to hear that I was not the only person who tipped over like a felled tree on the squat snatches. Gravity grabbed me by the “cheeks” and dragged me down.

  2. M3

    Miriam, at least 3 of us bailed in the 6:30.

    “It’s not a failure if you tried, it’s just a loss”

    you probably have to think about that first from the perspective of the fighter that said it…he tried, the other guy was better in those 15 minutes…extrapolate from there. 🙂

  3. Shanna Post author

    Name Rounds+reps Weight/Rings(Y/N) Snatch
    Micah 6 28/N 28lbs
    Mark W. 6 75/Y 45lbs
    Dale 5+23 75/Y 75lbs
    Red 5+6 65/Y 38lbs
    Amy H. 5+10 28/N 28lbs
    Phil B. 7+5 28/N 11lbs
    John 6+5 75/Y 115lbs
    Brian 5+12 75/Y 55lbs
    J$ 5+21 65/N 55lbs
    M3 5+2 115/N 109lbs
    Elin 6+3 65/N 55lbs
    Eliz H 5+15 65/Y 55lbs
    Dan 5+4 75/65/Y 45lbs
    Miriam 6+10 35/N 23lbs
    Dawn 7+11 45/N 28lbs
    Matt B 5+7 95/Y 75lbs
    Carly 5+6 55/Y-knees 65lbs
    Rustan 5+15 95/Y 65lbs
    T-Bone 5 55/N 70lbs
    Britt 5+12 38/N 28lbs
    Robert 6 70/Y 45lbs
    Ed 5+14 65/Y 38lbs
    Charley 5+9 55/Y 35lbs
    Becca 6+23 38/Y-knees 18lbs
    Jana 6 28/N 23lbs
    Tony 5+2 42/N 33lbs
    Eva 5+19 43/N-toes 38lbs
    Shonnie 6+8 18/N-knees for half 23lbs
    Terumi 5+8 45/N 38lbs
    Daniel Sm n/a 121lbs PR
    Annie 6 38/N 23lbs
    Katie 5+19 65/Y 65lbs
    Mike 4+18 111/Y 131lbs
    Rebecca 7+4 16/N 16lbs
    Chris T. 5 65/N
    Beth 6+2


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