100114 Thursday “Baggage”

Anne utilized pistols frequently when recovering from surgery. Great stuff!

Strength/Skill Work: Pistols


4 rounds for time of:

25 double unders or 100 singles

15 knees to elbows

12 kettlebell swings (1/1.5 pood)

10 dumbbell suitcase deadlifts (M-45lbs, W-25lbs)

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One thought on “100114 Thursday “Baggage”

  1. Shanna Post author

    Name Time KBwght/DBwght/JmpRp
    Katie 13:11 Rx’d with double unders
    Red 12:37 26/45/single
    Maggie 12:05 25/25/singles
    Mike P 13:45 45/45/singles
    Steven 12:43 45/45/singles
    MCK 11:15 25/26/singles
    Phil 11:14 44/45/double unders
    Jen 16:05 18/20/singles
    Amy H. 13:50 15/20/singles
    Chris T. 16:35 35/45 singles
    John 12:18 35/45/singles
    Shanna 8:39 Rx’d with double unders
    Corey 16:02 72/72/double unders

    Double Baggage =6 Rounds
    David 28:34 Rx’d with singles
    Randy 17:56 rx’d with singles


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