100115 Friday “Frozen Tears”

Strength/Skill Work: Deadlift


5 Rounds of the following:

In 2 minutes complete

200m run

As many thrusters as possible before time expires.

Rest 1 minute between rounds.

For thrusters use 70% of 5RM not to exceed 95/65lbs.

6 thoughts on “100115 Friday “Frozen Tears”

  1. Miriam

    That was a good workout.

    The reason this was named frozen tears is because the 5:20 a.m. class did the wod in the pitch black darkness in below freezing weather. Brrrrr. The rest of you get to do this in the light of day in balmy, sunny weather. So, your workout could be aptly named “The Trail of Tears.”

  2. Shanna Post author

    Name Total Thrusters Thruster Wght DL Wght
    Kim S 57 28lbs 5x5x95lbs
    Wendy 62 45lbs 5x5x95lbs
    Ang 50 28lbs 95lbs
    Dan 50 70lbs 5x209lbs
    Frank 52 65lbs 5x209lbs
    Miriam 44 28lbs 5x95lbs PR!
    Rustan 54 85lbs 5x265lbs
    Carly 55 55lbs 1x180lbs
    Robert 56 75lbs 1x335lbs PR!
    Aidan 33 35lbs 5x82lbs
    T-Bone 46 55lbs 3x180lbs
    Maggie 70 23lbs 5x92lbs
    J$ 36 55lbs 5x3x185lbs
    Annie 50 38lbs 5x135lbs
    Ali 49(w/vertigo) 23lbs 1x135lbs
    Shonnie 47 23lbs-rnd1, 18lbs 5x92lbs
    Jana 46 27lbs 5x122lbs
    Eva 64 45lbs 1x179lbs, 3x169lbs
    David 55 75lbs w/ 200m row 3x315lbs
    Becca 61 35lbs 5x119lbs
    Tony 50 38lbs 3x220lbs PR!
    Bruce 48 35lbs 5x145lbs
    Dawn 42 43lbs 3x159lbs
    Loren 52 75lbs 5x225lbs
    Kimberly 48 48lbs 5x135lbs
    Marin 50 28lbs 106lbs
    Lisa 48 22lbs 116lbs
    Micah 63 28lbs 135lbs
    Mark 63 65lbs 165lbs
    Jen L 68 45lbs 3x144lbs
    MCK 40 45lbs 3x175lbs
    Dale 49 75lbs 5x3x250lbs
    Leslie 52 28lbs 5x5x75lbs
    Amy H. 57 18lbs 5x5x75lbs
    Kelly 58 45lbs 5x3x150lbs
    Jules 41 38lbs 5x5x86lbs
    Shaye 54 40lbs 5x125lbs
    Mike N. 45 95lbs 5x267lbs
    Brooke 45 45lbs 4x3x180lbs
    Anna 48 45lbs 3x155lbs PR!
    Pancho 30 75lbs 5x240lbs
    Steven 56 65lbs 3x270lbs
    Lizie 92 back sqts 35lbs 150m run 5x5x89lbs
    Eliz Hake 41 55lbs 3x155lbs

  3. miriam

    Oh Matt…I am shedding a frozen tear for you. We missed you very much. But, as you’ve advised many others, take the long view, dude. We’ll see you next week.


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