100116 Saturday “Anna”

The video is of Jeff Martone and Ana Browne performing a Turkish Getup @Cima studios during a KB certification.

Strength/Skill Work: Find a bilateral 3 rep max Turkish Get-up (TGU). Use dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells,med balls, peopleor weighted object of your choosing. Just make sure you can complete the movement with both arms!


600m run

10 TGUs (5 per arm)

400m run

8 TGUs

200m run

6 TGUs

400m run

4 TGUs

600m run

2 TGUs

For time.

Use approximately 70% of your 3RM for the Turkish Get-up.

*****Also, rumor has it that the deadline may have been extended to receive your complimentary Heartstrings t-shirt. Please contact Shanna or go to theHeartstrings website toget yourself registered for a team! ***** If you are unable to register for a team or participate that day, please considersponsoring a CFA team member. Every dollar amount no matter how large or small will make a difference! A big thank you to those that have donated thus far! ******

3 thoughts on “100116 Saturday “Anna”

  1. Shanna Post author

    Name Time TGUwght TGU 3RM
    Dale 16:32 35lbs 53lbs
    Julies 20:18 18lbs 26lbs
    Jessica R. 17:44 18lbs 20lbs
    Shannon 14:44 26lbs 30lbs
    Maggie 15:47 18lbs 25lbs
    Don 20:55 18lbs 26lbs
    Katie 16:48 26lbs 35lbs
    Brian 18:51 26lbs 38lbs barbell
    Aileen 20:06 20lbs 30lbs
    Jana 22:25 15/12lbs 20lbs
    Matt B. 20:27 row 35lbs 45lbs

  2. miriam

    Since I am still new to Crossfit and can’t yet lift a person with one arm, I thought I’d try the Turkish Getup on my 12 lb. cat Igor–cats like to curl up tight, right? He informed me that he has far too much dignity to participate in the crazy ass athletic antics that we Humans have concocted to be strong enough to “fight the tiger.” He told me in no uncertain terms that the tiger will always win. Then he marked me and walked away. God, I’m humiliated.


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