100116 Wednesday “Slam Dunk”

Happy 41st birthday Matt!! What a different person you are physically than when you turned 40!

Strength/Skill Work: Front squat


30 seconds on, 30 seconds off rotating through each of the following stations:

Wall Ball (Men-10′ target, Ladies-8′ target)


Box Jumps (20″)

Complete 4 total rounds.

Please note there is not a specific rest station being that you have 30 seconds of rest between each station.

Post total reps and modifications to comments.

10 thoughts on “100116 Wednesday “Slam Dunk”

  1. Matt Baldwin

    To everybody in the 5:20 am class and also all y’all 6:00 am classers: y’all helped give my birthday an awesome start this morning. CrossFit Asheville rules!

    What I didn’t put on the whiteboard:

    F.S. 5×135# (3 warm-up sets 95-125, 3 work sets at 135).

    Reps for “Slam Dunk”: = 169. (An appropriate number for my B/Day: 1/6/1969)
    16 / 16 / 16 / 15
    8 / 9 / 10 / 11
    16 / 17 / 17 / 18

  2. T-Bone

    Happy birthday, Matt! Damn, it felt good to destroy those box jumps and wall balls. Pullups will be mine another day…

  3. Tom

    Hey, I misscounted my reps. I did 195, not 185. Please change it on the white board for all to see, heh heh. Happy Birthday Matt, the poster child for crossfit greatness and what can be accomplished, and sugar being the devil of course.

  4. Carly Albee

    Matt- Happy Birthday! I’m very glad that we have the CrossFit/Paleo guru in our class. I can’t imagine how tough you’ll be at 42.

  5. Matt Baldwin

    I posted this on the CFA Nutrition links page, I posted it on my blog, I posted it on Facebook (about half a dozen times). I cannot stop talking about it… everybody must see this video.

    “Sugar: The Bitter Truth,” a lecture by Robert Lustig of UCSF.


    It’s long, about 1 hr 29 min… but I guarantee you won’t be bored. The information in this video could change the way you think about the American Diet forever. It goes way beyond CrossFit or Paleo-diet information, and touches on a a fundamental, pervasive error in our thinking and practice when it comes to diet. If you are interested in your own health, and your family’s health, and in the health of your fellow human beings, you will take the time to assimilate some or all of this information.

    Parents will get real interested starting about 1 hr 10 minutes in. Paleo-dieters will like it when he makes an explicit plug for the Paleo diet at 1 hr 15 min. If you or someone you love is battling any aspect of metabolic syndrome you ought to watch the whole thing.

  6. Shanna Post author

    Name Score WBwght/height/Box/Bands Front Sqt
    Wendy 163 10/8/16″/blue+purple 75lbs
    Kim S. 169 4/8/14″/green 38lbs
    Jessica 137 8/8/14/blue+purple 38lbs
    Shawn 141 10/10/20/green 129lbs
    Dan 201 10/10/20/none 5x129lbs
    Carly 163 8/8/20/purple 1x124lbs
    T-Bone 145 10/8/20/none 3x105lbs
    Robert 165 10/10/20/none 5x143lbs
    Rustan 204 12/10/20/none 5x150lbs
    Amanda 118 8/8/20/green 5x63lbs
    Britt 192 8/8/20/blue 5x58lbs
    Tom 185 12/10/20/none 5x143lbs
    Betsy 121 10/8/20/blue+purple 5x48lbs
    Charley 159 10/10/20/none 5x5x85lbs
    Kate VW 138 8/8/16/gray 5x75lbs
    Becca 156 8/8/20/none 5x63lbs
    Daniel Sm 204 12/10/20/none
    Eva 184 10/8/16/blue+purple 3x115lbs
    Jason 146 12/10/20/blue 3x177lbs
    Shonnie 146 6/8/16/green+purple 3x48lbs
    Jana 158 6/8/12/grey 5x53lbs
    Steven 177 12/10/20/blue 3x176lbs
    Terumi 161 8/8/16/red 3x85lbs
    Micah 169 10/8/20/blue+purple 47lbs work sets
    Amy 122 8/8/20/blue+purple 5x4x28lbs
    Ali 157 8/8/12/grn+purple 5x28lbs
    Anna Y 116 10/8/20/NONE! 5×75, 3×85
    Jen L 150 10/8&10/20/grn 2x85lbs
    Red 130 10/10/20/blue 3x169lbs
    Kimberly 133 10/8/20/red 5x85lbs
    Beth 161 8/8/9″/gray
    Katie 164 10/8/20/none 1x142lbs PR!
    Shalene 107 + 2 minutes handstand blue 5x20lbs
    Mike 193 12/10/20/none 5x173lbs
    Annie 135 8&6/8/20/green 5x92lbs
    Jules 139 8/8/20/blue+purple 1x97lbs
    Shaye 151 8/8/20/blue+purple 5x75lbs
    Phil 143 10/8/20/blue
    J$ 122 10/8/8/20/blue 5x5x95lbs
    Chris T 98 10/10/51/green 5x135lbs
    Brooke 140 8/8/16then18/blue&purple 1×105
    Elizard 166 8/8/20/purple 5x75lbs
    Corey 256 12/10/20/none snatch 1×152, C&J1x195lbs
    Luke 210 12/10/20/none
    Elin 175 8/10/20/green 3x125lbs
    Jennifer 165 4/8/14/gray 5×55
    Rebecca 166 4/8/9/grey 5x53lbs

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