Heartstrings and CFA NEED YOUR HELP!!


By now you’ve likely either heard Shanna mention theHeartStrings fundraiser orread about it on theCFAwebsite.We’re now at the critical time…the time when action is required.

This event helps ensure that our uninsured neighbors across Buncombe County won’t have to go without medical care if they need it. The only way this fundraiser can be a success is if enough people participate and raise the funds that enable access to this medical care.

What we need from younow →Decide how you’ll be participating

1.Join the CrossFit Asheville Team. Get a sign up form from Shanna to register.


2.Join or form another team. Check the list of current teams via the “view teams” link in the left-hand column atbcmsonline.org/heartstrings


How do I raise my $200 for the event?

We provide all the materials you need to successfully and easily meet or exceed your $200 fundraising goal. We have letters, credit card donation forms, sample emails, and more. If 20 friends or coworkers donate just $10 each, you’ve reached your goal.

What is the fundraising supporting?

The money raised goes to support Project Access, a nationally-recognized model of charity care. Physicians and other providers (hospitals, for instance) donate services from routine annual physicals to open heart surgery.100% of the money we raise will be used to pay for programmatic essentials for Project Access such as eligibility screening, medications, durable medical equipment (like wheelchairs and crutches), case management, language interpretation, and other services that ensure that the patient receives comprehensive, high quality care.Donations are tax-deductible.

Why should I participate?

While there are many excellent reasons, let” highlight a few.

1.Provide direct assistance to your neighbors in need. The money you raise stays in Buncombe County to help low-income, uninsured residents receive comprehensive, high quality care.

2.Show off your CrossFit prowess and inspire others to try these intense workouts themselves.

3.Win prizes and get great goodies. Top fundraisers get fantastic prizes and everyone gets a bit of swag (nice HeartStrings t-shirt andgoody bag). We also have a party a few weeks later.

Sign up today to take part in the fun, fitness, and fundraising at HeartStrings 2010(the event is Sat., Feb. 6, 2010). Contact Shanna (shannaduvall@gmail.com) or me with any questions.

Thanks! We look forward to seeing you on one of the teams at HeartStrings 2010.


Shonnie Lavender

Team Recruitment Co-Chair

shonnie@bcmsonline.org | 274-2267, #311