100222 Monday “Beginnings”

Katie, Jen, Tamara and Shanna at the Wilkes Olympic Lifting Seminar Sunday at CF Durham.

Strength/Skill Work: Front squat


3 Rounds of:
10 Deadlifts (50% of max not to exceed 185/115lbs)
15 Push-ups
25 Box jumps (20รขโ‚ฌยณ)
For time.

This was the WOD on 091230. If you time was under 5 minutesconsider going heavier in the deadlift, higher in the box jump or not doing any push-ups from your knees. If you are alreadydoing the work-out Rx’d thenlet’sdo it faster!

17 thoughts on “100222 Monday “Beginnings”

  1. tara

    Modified beginnings:

    Subbed thrusters for dl and did box jumps on the gazebo seats. Entire workout done outside (outdoor fitness facility).

    Tara: 15:10
    Owen 14:10

  2. Aidan

    this wod tore me up — I’m wiped for the rest of the day ๐Ÿ™‚ But I didn’t do any knee push-ups! Those box jumps are killer!!

  3. Shanna Post author

    Name Time Wght Box Knees Y/N? Front squat Improvements
    Tom 5:00Rx’d+@201lbs? yes N ? 1:10 with 16 more lbs
    Dan F. 5:08 155lbs yes N 5x130lbs Old time 4:47 w/99lbs!
    Ed 7:04 155lbs yes N 5x138lbs
    Dawn 5:12 75lbs No Y 1x115lbs
    Kim S 7:48 80lbs yes Y 1x72lbs, 5x62lbs
    Miriam 7:06 73lbs N N 5x72lbs 20sec faster w/35 more lbs!
    Rustan 4:48 180lbs Y N 5x165lbs
    Charley 6:06 115lbs Y N 5x115lbs 49sec faster w/4 more lbs!
    Carly 8:12 108lbs Y N 5x5x85lbs
    T-Bone 7:24 Rx’d @115lbs Y N 1x115lbs 2:10 faster w/ 25 more lbs!
    Dale 5:05 Rx’d @ 185lbs Y N 5x4x119lbs
    Betsy F. 7:51 73lbs Y Y 3x63lbs
    Robert 6:4 Rx’d @ 185lbs Y N 3x155lbs
    Terumi 9:01 95lbs Y N 5x78lbs
    Seth 7:35 85lbs Y N 5x85lbs
    A 6:30 115lbs N Y 3x95lbs
    Jana 7:44 85lbs 12″ Y 3x68lbs
    Tony 8:47 138lbs Y Y 3x74lbs
    Kate VW 7:04 80lbs 15.5″ Y 3x73lbs
    Mark 5:22 109lbs Y N 5x99lbs
    KK 4:48 Rx’d@ 185lbs Y step-ups 5x135lbs PR!
    Anna 9:51 rx’d@115lbs Y N 1x90lbs
    Kimberly 8:54 95lbs Y N 3x95lbs
    Katie 4:56 Rx’d @ 116lbs Y N 6x3x121lbs
    Jules 9:57 75lbs Tire N 5x5x55lbs
    Mike 3:53 Rx’d @ 185lbs Y N 5x185lbs
    Corey 3:05 Rx’d @ 185lbs Y N
    Rebecca 6:50 48lbs 10″ N
    Phil B. 4:43 74lbs Y N
    Anne 6:40 Rx’d @ 116lbs Y N 2x121lbs
    Beth 8:06 60lbs Y N 5x65lbs
    Lisa 6:13 85lbs N Y 5x56lbs
    Brooke S. 9:37 Rx’d @ 115lbs Tire N 5x4x85lbs
    MCK 6:07 111lbs Tire Y 5x5x68lbs
    Daniel Sm. 8:15 185lbs Y N
    Lizie 7:46 60lbs Y N 1x90lbs
    Shannon 5:01 140lbs Y N 5x109lbs
    Brian 7:28 135lbs Y N WS @ 135lbs
    M3 8:15 Rx’d @ 185lbs Y N WS @ 135lbs
    Amanda 7:27 65lbs Tire Y 3x78lbs
    e Hake 8:48Rx’d @ 116lbs Y N 3x5x89lbs
    Chris G. 4:38 Rx’d @ 185lbs Y N

  4. Aidan

    I should clarify — my “box” jumps were actually stacked weights at 17.5 inches. I feel myself getting stronger but still get discouraged coming in dead last. One wod at a time! and no competing against anybody but myself (for now, anyway) ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Erik Hatcher

    7:15 (84# DL, regular pushups)

    Thanks Shanna for letting us crash the party! *whew*

    Come visit us at CrossFit Charlottesville anytime.

  6. miriam

    What a great WOD, but I’m sure feeling it tonight. This is the first repeated WOD for me since starting crossfit, so it was really gratifying to see improvement. 20 seconds faster, went from 38 lbs. deadlift (I know, lightweight…what can I say?) to 73 lbs, and from knee push ups to all toes. Yes, I know Shanna, I “peeled” my push ups toward the end. Go ahead and sue me.

    Aiden, look at your own personal improvements and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. This is all about each of us growing stronger at our own pace. I’ve had some really lousy performances during some of the WODs and the way I deal with it is to stop counting and just do the WOD as hard as I can. I don’t post my “score” for the day and it lets me off the public embarassment hook. Sometimes just doing the workout without keeping track is good enough.

    Matt B, you were a great coach this morning; thanks for the tips.

  7. M3

    Miriam, that’s really awesome improvement, don’t short yourself.

    there is no ‘public embarrasment’…or embarrasment at all. we all have to start somewhere and that place is different for each of us…just as you told Aiden, it’s all about individual improvement over time or as we say ‘kung fu’ (effort over time)


  8. T-Bone

    Miriam, rock it, woman! Haha, my first repeated WOD was Nancy…which is my most hated WOD. I was so nervous before doing it the second time that I wanted to make myself puke just to get it over with. Those are awesome improvements.

    Aidan, just keep pushing yourself! I’ve been last lots in WODs lots of times, and now I know to just focus on killing it the next time. The longer you CrossFit, the more you see those improvements over time.

    I looked up what I wrote about this WOD in my workout log after we did it in December because I remembered how horrible it was: “This completely wasted me. I mean, I was face down on the floor after. Totally thought I was going to pass out on the last round of box jumps…not a WOD I should have done fasted. But, I was happy with my time because of the pushups. Last week, it took me over 5:00 to do 50 pushups the two times I timed myself. So, I definitely killed that time when I figure how long it took me to do the deads and box jumps. And, I am not recovering well. My sleep is utter crap. My calves are still sore from the 5K on Sunday. I felt horrible this morning, and yesterday was a rest day.”

    When we did this WOD in December, it was actually incentive for me to reevaluate things. The key was “I am not recovering well.” December was a horrible month. I felt like I dragged on every metcon, and I was constantly sore. After this WOD, I switched things up. I was already Paleo, but I started eating more and I added more fat to my diet. I was taking fish oil, but I added Vitamin D because I’ve spent 2/3 of my life in Phoenix and Miami and winter gets me down. Finally, I signed on for the 90 CFA challenge and once again ditched alcohol.

    Guys, we have all heard Coach Corey talk about recovery…the importance of sleep, eating well and taking rest days. Don’t ignore that stuff. Since I made those changes, my recovery is drastically improved. It’s like night and day. I’m sleeping well, I’m not sore all the time, and I’m doing more and feeling better. My times on my WODs have gone down while my weights have gone up.

    So, take care of yourself. If you didn’t sign on for the CFA 90 Paleo challenge, it’s not too late. You can start any time. If you fell of the Paleo wagon, you can always get back on. Pay attention to your body, and if things aren’t working, make changes.

  9. T-Bone

    Oh, and as a final T-Bone recommendation, haha, if you don’t have a workout log, start one. I know everyone writes their weights and times in their notebooks, and that’s important. But, it has really helped me to have somewhere to write all that other crap about how I was feeling physically and mentally. It’s nice to be able to go back and read the really good stuff and the really bad stuff, and then you remember how far you have come.


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