100226 Friday “Carolina Challenge”

This photo could only be more beautiful with the hook grip happening. 🙂

Strength/Skill Work Weighted pull-up/Kipping pull-up work: 5-5-5-5-5


125 Double unders or 375 single unders

100 squats

75 kettlebell swings (53/35lbs)

50 burpees

25 thrusters (115/75lbs)

For time.

There will be a 20 minutes cap on this work-out today. We advise allowing 4 minutes at each station and then moving on if you are trying to finish within the 20 minutes.

It has already been 8 weeks since New Year’s Day. Can’t wait to see some time comparisons!

29 thoughts on “100226 Friday “Carolina Challenge”

  1. miriam

    I thought I was hallucinating when I came in at 5:20 a.m. to see this WOD posted on the board, but Shanna reassured me that it was for real. It was indeed for real. If I recall, this was aptly named the “survival” workout on New Year’s day. Have fun with this one.

    I did much better this time, but this WOD destroyed me back then and it did again today. Looking forward to next time, when I can complete the WOD without feeling like I’ve been crushed alive by a truck.

  2. T-Bone

    “The hay is in the barn,” bwahaha. True. I still wouldn’t have asked for this WOD after yesterday, though.

    So, everyone has had 8 weeks to get their crap together…New Year’s Resolutions and all…90 Day Paleo Challenge. This was the test, huh? On January 1, I wrote, “I timed out during the burpees. I was slow and very, very lightheaded. I had only eaten a hard boiled egg and a clementine about 3 hours prior. Stupid. I feel like my metcons are sucking lately, probably from lack of sleep and not eating enough.” Yeah, I got my crap together. I only got through 9 burpees on January 1 before I timed out. I got through all 50 burpees and 10 of the 25 thrusters today. I’ll take it. Part of bringing your A-game is being able to bring it when you are sore and tired…like today. CrossFit isn’t about going into every WOD fresh. From what I saw, a lot of people brought their A-games to the 5:20 and 6:00 am classes.

    And, Miriam, I don’t think it is possible to complete this WOD without feeling like you’ve been crushed alive by a truck…just sayin’. Pain for time, right?

  3. Jules

    Touché Mr K! I’m bummed I’m missing this WOD AGAIN. I’m headed to Kentucky to take care of my mom post-surgery for a few days. I’m gonna attempt to do a modified version with my sister tomorrow am. She’s a P90Xer so we’ll see what she’s got. See y’all Monday.

  4. ali

    made it to crossfit threshold miami today!
    For reps.

    5 minutes max Double unders
    4 minutes max Burpees
    3 minutes max Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
    2 minutes max Pull ups
    1 minute max Knees to Elbows

    *these are my first du’s EVER!

  5. dan f

    I’m still a little light-headed; half-way thru the burpees, I might have actuall preferred being crushed alive by Miriam’s truck (and no, that’s not a euphemism) to finishing.

    Thanks to Daniel, Tom, Doug, and the rest of the 6am posse for pushing me for the last few thrusters… that’s what it’s all about.

  6. Betsy Fedder

    I had to rush out after the wod this morning…but I did see some improvement. Last time I didn’t finish any of the componenets in 4 min except kb swings. This time I completed all reps under 4 minutes and completed the whole thing in 18:09 (should add that I had to drop some weight during kb swings due to sore popping shoulder). I felt wrecked all the way through it–but am glad to know I was working better even though I felt really bad.

  7. Shanna Post author

    Name Time DUorSU/KBS/Thruster Improvement/Pull-up notes
    Kim s. 18:26 S/20lbs/38lbs 1:24 faster w/same weights!
    Dan F. 18:56 S/35lbs/85×4,65×21 3x45lbs!
    Aidan 19:45 S/20lbs/18lbs Almost got a pull-up! (90 squats/20 burpees)
    Seth 19:09 S-198/18lbs/35lbs
    Robert 18:02 S/35lbs/75lbs 52 seconds improved!
    Maggie 19:48 S/18lbs/45lbs 5×5 red band
    T-Bone 20:00 DU/35lbs/75lbs Completed 10 thrusters, 1/1 only made it to 9 burpees
    Lauren 20:03 750mrow/35lbs/26lbsKB 1 arm Oh yeah!
    Charley 20:00 S/26lbs-50reps/55lbs-17reps
    A 17:51 S/26lbs/38lbs 1:12 improvement + did ALL the burpees!
    Jana 20:00 S/18lbs/23lbs Did some with green band!
    Lizie 20:00 S/18lbs/35lbs FIRST UNASSISTED PULL-UPS!Multiple sets of 3!
    Tony 20:00 S/26lbs/n/a
    Bruce 20:00 S-275/20lbs-67reps/22lbs-26reps!
    Shonnie 19:30 S-288/15lbs/11lbs “Burpees need work” 🙂
    Dawn 19:15 S/18lbs-G’mornings/43lbs First time!
    Kimberly 18:44 S/26lbs/45lbs 1st time! Did 2×3 pull-ups with 5lbs!
    Lisa 18:50 S/15lbs/18lbs 1st time! blue band!
    Marin 19:32 S/20lbs/28lbs 1st time! purple!
    Micah 18:32 S/26lbs/35lbs 1st time/working on kip swing!
    Katie 19:24 DU/35lbs/75lbs Did not finish thrusters on 1/1!
    Anna 19:30 DU-60reps/25lbs/45lbs 2 pull-ups with 5lbs
    KK 21:38 S/53lbs/95lbs 5×5 with no bands!
    MCK 20:00 S/26lbs/41 burpees/45lbs-15reps 2 kips!
    Jen L. 20:00 DU-80reps/35lbs-50reps/28 burpees/12 thrusters @ 65lbs
    Phil B. 20:00 S-305reps/25lbs-50reps/50 burpees/50 thrusters
    Mike N. 20:00 S/53lbs/115lbs Completed all but 9 of the 25 thrusters! 35# pull-up
    Amy H. 20:00 S/10lbs/23lbs Blue only…no purple!
    Brooke S. 20:00 S/35lbs-55reps/47 burpees/45lbs thrusters-25 reps
    e Hake 20:00 DU-41reps/35lbs/35 burpees, 60lbs for 20 thrusters!
    Sarah 20:00 S/28lbs/single arm 15lbs KB
    J$ 20:00 S/28lbs-60reps/burpee step-ups/35lbs
    Tom 20:00 DU/53lbs/115lbsx17reps Up from 5 thrusters completed on 1/1!
    Dale 19:36 S/44lbs/75lbs
    Great job to everyone who made it in this morning! Many tremendous improvements as well as first time efforts!
    Ali…congrats on your first double unders! Glad you made it to another CF gym!
    Jules-best of luck with the sister/P90x rivalry. haha

  8. T-Bone

    Ali, congrats on the first DUs! You will love them, wait and see. Dan, that was a monster effort on the thrusters at the end. Lizie, congrats on the first pullups! Katie, nice work, woman…seriously.

  9. Miriam

    Miriam’s big non-euphemistic truck apparently does not do hit and runs but stays around to continuously and methodically drive back and forth over her entire body for the rest of the day, slowly grinding her into a piece of mush. She cannot even lift her arms at this point in the day. Can you hear her screaming? She is typing this message using one of those head wand thingys.

    Kudos to everyone who did this no matter how you did. Just doing this WOD is remarkable. And remember, last time you probably had the rest of the day off from work to recover!

  10. Miriam

    PS, I did 150 more single unders, not quite making the 375 required at 4 mins but a lot closer than last time. When I get my new jump rope, I will practice as jumproping just isn’t my forte. I did 95 squats vs. around 50 last time, all the KB swings at 18 lbs (up from 10 lbs), all the burpees (up from around 25 last time), and all the thrusters at 22 lbs (up from 18 lbs.

    Have I mentioned that I can’t lift my arms?

  11. Amanda Savage

    I am so sad I am missing this…alas, I am driving across Kansas instead (much worse). We will see how much CFA has prepared me for making turns at Vail. Legs don’t fail me now. See you guys in a week.

  12. Brooke D

    Mush is right Miriam! I have felt that workout all day in everything I do. I was not “cleared” to do the workout 8 weeks ago. I was still in the StayActiveClinic! being fixed. All I compare my efforts to is where I was last year: laid up on the couch re-cooping from back surgery, unable to even pick up my 2 yr old! So I am glad to be swingin’ that 18lbs overhead and hurting soo good! I did finish all 5 components in 17:13 (single unders/18lbs/18lbs bar) Cross Fit rocks(Cori&Shanna) and I feel lucky to be apart of it!

  13. Kim S

    End of day, reading through these posts about todays WOD and something occurred to me about my thruster weight. I was using an 18 lb bar with 10 lb plates on each side. Hello I did 38 lbs not 28 lbs (wgt from 1/1) AND I still did it 1:24 faster. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!!!!!! No wonder I’m so friggin sore.

  14. Shanna Post author

    Brooke, Thank you so much for your kind words. “All I compare my efforts to is where I was last year: laid up on the couch re-cooping from back surgery, unable to even pick up my 2 yr old!” Wow…that is a testament to your consistency and not only working hard, but working smart! I look forward to discovering where you will be a year from now!

  15. Kim S

    Another thing about todays WOD…Corey and Shanna need to suggest to all newbies that it’s wise to pee before jumping rope…or maybe this is just a female thing????

  16. miriam

    Kim, you need to talk to Kate. She’s coordinating supplies for the not-so -secret society of women who pee while they WOD.

  17. Tom

    Ha Kim I can hear Shanna yelling before a WOD ” Everybody get ready, we’ll start in one minute! Ladies if you gotta pee better do it now!”

  18. T-Bone

    HAHA, Kim, I was watching you kill those thrusters and I definitely thought, “Damn, she has 38 lbs on the bar!” Yeah, woman, way to rock it.

  19. T-Bone

    And, if anyone needs professional peeing-while-you-WOD advice, Sparkles is fellowship trained in female urology and incontinence, hahaha.

  20. miriam

    That’s DOCTOR Sparkles. Tell him to stay away from me with his prolapse repair kit.

    I propose that the Duvalls develop a warm up involving Kegel exercises. How uniquely Asheville.

    So Corey, here’s an excerpt on how you do Kegel exercises:
    “The first step is to find the right muscles. One way to find them is to imagine that you are sitting on a marble and want to pick up the marble with your vagina.”

    Got it?

    Oh my God. I am becoming Tamara’s evil twin sister…

  21. Kim S

    Kegel exercises, haven’t heard that since I tock a Women’s Studies class. Excellent idea to incorporate that into CFA. We need to give the guys some prostate excercises too. We need to start a peer focus group to create a WOD for these. Shanna and Corey can even incorporate this into theit marketing. i.e. CFA is a total body workout including the often left out vagina and prostate.

  22. Corey

    Shanna just said, “We just did power snatches last week”.

    In all seriousness, Kegel’s are a tightening of the pelvic floor regardless of male/female. In exercise incontinence you should perform the Kegel contraction immediately before all activity. A weakening of the pelvic floor allows a small opening of the urethra which exertion of the abdomen (immediately before the jump) pushes urine out. It happens to men too… they just have a longer canal.

    I’ll write a post on this soon. I’ve been talking to people on the side when they bring it up. I guess it’s time for a public announcement for “full body strength”.

  23. miriam

    Ha ha ha, Shanna, good one. If we come to CFA next week and there are marbles scattered around the warm up floor, we’ll know why.

    Good, Corey, because there’s a growing club of women (sorry guys, the ladies didn’t mean to discriminate–who knew you were suffering too?)who are meeting secretly on facebook email to comiserate about this affliction.

  24. miriam

    I was appalled to learn from my staff that someone using my name apparently hacked into the CFA website using my name and email address and posted something truly inappropriate about “marbles.” Heavens, I am so ashamed! Please accept my apologies. I just can’t imagine why someone would do such a thing. Jeepers.


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