100301 Monday “Tides of Change”

Strength/Skill Work: Power snatch


5 Rounds of:

7 High Box Jumps (30″/25″)

21 Kettlebell swings (1.5/1 pood)

For time.

10 thoughts on “100301 Monday “Tides of Change”

  1. Tom

    Great WOD, I didn’t post on the board, but my time was 7:11 with 1.5 pood and 30 in box jumps. Could have pushed harder on the boxes, like many of the others in 6 am group. Good job yall.

  2. T-Bone

    Wow, it’s amazing how much more energy I have for the WOD when I don’t waste so much of it stomping my foot and yelling during the strength work. HAHAHA.

  3. Carly Albee

    Tom- I’m with you. I could have jumped higher. I’m amazed at how much better I’ve gotten at jumping.

  4. Shanna Post author

    Name Time KB/Box hgt Power Snatch
    Carly 6:38 15lbs(1arm) 3x65lbs
    Rustan 6:42 Rx’d @ 53lbs/30″ 1x115lbs
    Robert 7:40 44lbs/30″ 1x95lbs
    T-Bone 6:58 Rx’d @ 35lbs/25″ 3x75lbs
    Aidan 8:46 26lbs/20″ 5x38lbs
    Dale 7:30 45lbs/30″ 3x103lbs
    Betsy F. 7:08 25lbs/20″ 3x43lbs
    Charley 7:20 35lbs/30″ 65lbs
    Chris S. 7:40 53lbs/25″ 4x120lbs
    A 5:54 25lbs/18″ 5x65lbs
    Seth 6:51 18lbs/20″ 5x45lbs
    Jana 7:24 20lbs/20″ 5x43lbs
    Kate VW 7:24 26-18lbs/20″ 5x58lbs
    Tony 8:16 26lbs/27.5″ 3x38lbs
    Terumi 7:02 26lbs/24″ 5x65lbs
    Mark B. 6:13 35lbs/25″ 3x75lbs
    MCK 7:08 35×1,26×4/16″ 1x68lbs
    Kimberly 7:42 35×2,26×3/21″ 4x55lbs
    KK 7:22 44lbs/23″ 2x5x100lbs
    Anna 7:41 1×35,4x26lbs/25″ 5x68lbs
    Dan F. 8:07 45lbs/30″ 2x5x100lbs
    Brooke D. 5:32 20lbs/15″ 5x47lbs
    Katie 5:33 Rx’d @ 35lbs/25.5″ 5x85lbs
    Mike N. 8:45 Rx’d @ 53lbs/30″ 3x135lbs
    Lisa 6:58 18lbs/18″ 5x48lbs
    Beth 8:11 26lbs/23″ 5x48lbs
    John 8:34 Rx’d @ 53lbs/30″ 3x120lbs
    Daniel Smith 6:02 Rx’d @ 53lbs/30″ 1x140lbs
    Brian 7:49 44lbs/26″ 1x100lbs
    Chris T. 9:18 35lbs/29.5″ 1x95lbs
    Phil B. 7:23 26lbs/26″ 5x38lbs
    Lizie 7:26 18lbs/23″ 5x43lbs
    Jen L. 8:00 Rx’d @ 35lbs/25″ 1x75lbs

  5. John duncan

    I uploaded a video of most of the gym doing jeremy from a while back. I tagged daniel smith, corey, and shanna and myself. Everyone else please tag your selves and check it out. If you like it I could probably do some others. They would all be in the 1 and a half minute range.


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