100302 Tuesday “Team Work”

Strength/Skill Work: Deadlift

Partner WOD

Max Pull Ups

160ft walking lunge

Max Burpees

160ft walking lunge

Max Thrusters (Use 70% of 5 rep max thruster not to exceed 95/65lbs)

160ft walking lunge

While one partner is lunging the other is doing PU, Burpees, or Thrusters. Each partner completes the PUs before moving onto the burpees and each completes burpees before moving onto thrusters.

Score = Seconds – Total Reps (walking lunge steps do not count towards rep count!)

3 thoughts on “100302 Tuesday “Team Work”

  1. John duncan

    I uploaded a video of most of the gym doing jeremy from a while back. I tagged daniel smith, corey, and shanna and myself. Everyone else please tag your selves and check it out. If you like it I could probably do some others. They would all be in the 1 and a half minute range.

  2. ali

    Tabata (20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, 8 rounds of each)

    KB Swings- 20lb
    Push ups
    Reverse Snatch Grip Pull ups OR Ring Rows- blue band
    Abmat Sit ups
    230 total reps

    i could barely do the pull ups after the kb swings and push ups..it was pitiful!


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