100318 Thursday “Gone in 60 Seconds”

Strength/Skill Work: Single support hang power clean


3 Rounds of:

40 seconds max rep pull-ups

20 seconds rest

40 seconds max rep ball slams

20 seconds rest

40 seconds max rep double arm kettlebell thrusters (45/35lbs)

20 seconds rest

40 seconds max rep ball slams (14/10lbs)

20 seconds rest

1 minute rest

Post total reps and modifications to comments.

Please remember to wear Red on Fridays for Project Red Shirt!

2 thoughts on “100318 Thursday “Gone in 60 Seconds”

  1. Phil

    I thought the ball slams would be the easy part but I forgot that there’s no such thing as “the easy part” in crossfit. Boy how I love it! Jen and I have a t-shirt idea: “Crossfit…Good” We think it has a Paleo ring to it.

  2. Corey

    Name Total Reps KB wght/Bands/MedBall Single support HPC
    Dan 278 35/None/12lbs 5x75lbs, 1x85lbs
    Ed 123 35/red/12lbs 5x65lbs
    Dale 228 35/None/10lbs
    Betsy F. 206 18/blue+purple/10lbs
    Heather M. 198 18/green/10lbs 5x38lbs
    Matt M. 209 26/blue/12lbs 109/49/38
    Kat 177 18/blue+purple/10lbs 5x48lbs
    Brandan 205 26/None/12lbs 3x65lbs
    Charley 237 18/None/26lbs 5x75lbs
    Red 248 26lbs/red+blue/10lbs 5x85lbs
    Brooke D. 279 10lbs/grey/8lbs 5x42lbs
    Beth 139 10lbs/green/8lbs 5x38lbs
    Phil L. 299 26lbs/None/10lbs 5x85lbs
    Daniel T. 176 35lbs/green/12lbs 5x115lbs
    Steven 233 26lbs/None/12lbs 5x75lbs
    Jen S. 224 10lbs/blue+purple/6lbs 3x5x28lbs
    Amy 174 10lbs/blue+purple/8lbs 5x29lbs
    Anne 223 26lbs/purple/12lbs 2x5x75lbs
    M3 283 35lbs/None/10lbs 2x5x95lbs


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